Thursday, 10 November 2011

Where have i been?

A quick post to say sorry for not blogging for quite a while.  Not been too good and am just starting to get my head back into things. Have also been trying to learn to sew and have knitted a couple of very small items to keep me going. 

Visited a local sewing machine shop to see what was available, prices etc. Was told there are two different types of machine, a sewing machine and an embroidery machine, seems the affordable choice is to get two different machines instead of one.  Looking at around £1,500 for a combined machine or around £1,100 for two.  Seems silly to me that these types of sewing machines are not more readily available.  An affordable hybrid machine seems to be the answer, going to wait until i can afford a basic machine and by then i am hopeful that all machines will have reduced in price and i can afford a hybrid. I can daydream...

Thanks for dropping by:-)