Monday, 22 February 2010

Beeswax and UTTEE Creations

These are the finished items I made at the Suze Weinberg workshop last Wednesday 17th February 2010 .
The two images on the left are a 12" x 6" wood panel covered with beeswax, pictures from Alice In Wonderland were used for the theme, netting was used to create texture, a rubber stamp to compliment the these was also used. Perfect Pearls were dusted over to give the wonderful sheen. Finally a Sizzix die cut flower was added to create a focal point.

The blue background picture shows all the wonderful ways we used the Melt Pot, poured into a small doughnut pan to make jewellery; poured into moulds with photographs underneath to create embellishments and finally used memory glass and frames to create something quite unique.

The picture on the right is a two part Art Transfer Canvas using beeswax to create again something quite lovely.

Beeswax was the order of the morning and UTTEE was played with during the afternoon. Suze was a wonderful teacher and shared many of her techniques with us. Like a star struck fan I asked her to sign my Melt Pot DVD and to have some pictures taken with me. I was in line as a few of the ladies of course wanted some type of keepsake from the day. I will always remember this workshop with Suze as it was one of my dreams come true. Looking forward to 2011 when Suze might return to Craftrange.

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Suze Weinberg at Craftrange
This is a link you really want to check out, why because it has to be the best place I have ever taken a workshop. Their premises are fantastic, clean, easy to gain access, all on one level so no stairs and to top it all a fantastic cafe. The owners Debbie and Michael Toms are really helpful and even served us our coffee and lunch during the day. Thank you to ALL at Craftrange especially Janet who I loved meeting too, this lady books you onto their courses and sorts out any problems or tries her best to accommodate your requests for any items that they don't keep in regular stock.

My day started at 5.30am as I couldn't sleep due to my excitement at meeting the great and wonderful Suze Weinberg. Suze has been an inspiration; she blogs nearly everyday no matter what and always allows us all to follow her everyday happenings.

I set off around 8am after de icing my car which was showing a -4*c temperature reading. I got lost and had to stop and update the directions, it seems I was only 10 minutes away; actually only took me 5 minutes and thereit was, our venue for the day.

Suze arrived not long after and set up in the workshop. One of the ladies gave Suze a Beatles related book, another lady gave Suze a grungeboard necklace and I gave her a Melt Pot Brooch and a Camera Aperture mini book made from recycled items. Suze was very gracious and wore both our gifts for the rest of the day. This was one of the first pieces I had made from the Melt Pot. Used a small piece of glass, grungeboard and charms to complete the look of Suze's brooch.....

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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Trying out WordPress.....

Have tried to insert two pictures into my Blog but every time without success; not got the time to keep trying so decided to try WordPress. Like it a lot but you can't seem to get the choice of templates that you can here. The search keeps going on...

I love technology and my iPhone, this image was taken from one of the Apps that i relax with and then altered to resemble a jigsaw. Great colours in this image and no two are ever the same. Great for creating custom backgrounds; going to try to import this image into my Pazzle and see if after a few tweeks with the programme, if it will cut the puzzle pieces out. Probably take a few days/weeks as i take a while to work out these things. Will post the results if it works.

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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Loo Roll Card with Aperture

Last Saturday I attended a workshop in which my friend Jayne was demonstrating how to recycle the inners of loo rolls and make into mini tag books.

Put the loo rolls through my Big Shot to crush them, 3 at a time and took enough to make a couple of the mini books. A thought came to me that wouldn't it look great if they had an aperture..... I got my only yellow Sizzix coloured die, which is a camera and this is the result. I put the paper over the roll first so that there was no problem lining up the apertures later.

Made the covers from a cereal box; used some shimmer sprays to cover the grey side and used the same paper that covered the loo roll to cover the coloured side of the card. Took this with me to the class and showed Jayne who thought this was a great idea and different to the ones she was demonstrating. On the day I made a more grungy version using the stamps from the last two Craft Stamper magazines. Can't upload any more of these in this post but will try to upload some onto my website when it is ready to launch.

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