Friday, 20 September 2013

Metallic Pan Pastels Part Two – Mixing With Other Mediums

Am really pleased i purchased the metallic Pan Pastels as they mix with so many different mediums.

Today’s experiment was using them with Paper Artsy Satin Glaze and Little Black Dress Fresco #paints.

In each instance i used one drop of Glaze and i drop of paint as wanted to see how the colours turned out without watering them down.

Metallic mixed 19 Sept 2013

Loving how they sparkle but this image doesn’t really do them justice. Took individual images and have had to play with them to try and get a decent representation, hope it has worked.

Gold PP mixed 19 Septt 2013

Pewter PP 19 Sept 2013

Bronze PP 19 mixed Sept 2013

Copper PP mixed 19 Sept 2013

Used a dry small flat headed paint brush to get the pastel from the pan and to mix it with either the glaze or paint.  Each time i washed and dried out the brush before using it again in the Pastel.  On the card it states that i used 3 strokes across the pan but i actually used 5 as three wasn’t quite enough.  These strokes were small and gentle so not to use too much of the Pastel.  They really do go a long way.

Decided to try using just the Copper Pan Pastel and mix it with some of the Fresco paint colours, used Eggplant, London bus and bora Bora.

Eggplant with Copper PP 19 Seot 2013

London Bus with Copper PP 19 Sept 2013

Bora Bora with Copper PP 19 Sept 2013

My favourite has to be the Eggplant Fresco as you can see how gorgeous the two colours mix. Chose these three colours  so you can see how each different colour reacts as one is Translucent, one is semi-opaque and one is opaque.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing how the Pan Pastel Metallics mix with just the Fresco paint range.

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UK Art Swaps Sept 2013

Made a birthday card for one of the ladies in the UK Art Swap Group i belong to.  This is my first time using these quite wonderful stamps by Darcy Wilkinson.  Darcy has just launched her own rubber stamp designs under the Paper Artsy umbrella.

Darcy also has a wonderful Blog called Art and Sole where she has many inspirational tutorials. Darcy loves to share her work so please pop over and enjoy her Blog.

The card blank is a cream coloured 4.5” square.  Sprayed the background using Dylusions Sprays Vibrant Turquoise, Calypso Teal and Crushed Grapes, then stamped the heart border.

P1050104 crop 

Coloured the border hearts in with Paper Artsy Fresco Paints London Bus and Blood Orange mixed together.

Stamped the sentiment also from Set One, added some of the individual small heart images and coloured them in using Derwent Inktense Pencils, red and orange.  Used the white Inktense pencil to add the white dots in all of the hearts.

Mopped up some of the Dylusions colours onto the back of the card and added a small heart using the individual small vine heart image.

P1050081 crop 

Finally went over the whole card with a combination of the new Gold and Copper Metallic Pan Pastel.  These new metallic colours can be soft or very bright when mixed with water and other mediums. So glad i now have them in my stash.

P1050075 crop

Love this sentiment that Darcy has made into a stamp, it really resonates with me as i do love my crafting, whatever form it takes.

Looking forward to using Darcy’s stamps on a fabric project very soon.

Thanks for dropping by Smile

PS I think i am supposed to write that the links i have used do not make me any money.  I have used these links as i purchase my items from these retailers and have had fantastic customer service from them allSmile

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Metallic Pan Pastels

I purchased four of the six Pan Pastel Metallic colours from Event city last Thursday they are:


Rich Gold



Thought i would see how they perform using a sheet of Crafters Companion Centura Pearl 300gsm snow white with a hint of silver card stock.

P1050048 crop

The card stock has two sides, pearl and  plain. I tried the Pastels on both sides to see what the difference would be like.

The above side is the plain side, the Pastels have been applied to the bottom half of the page using a Sofft flat head spatula and are lovely and sparkly.  They were also applied through a stencil and look really good together.  Top right of the card stock have mixed the Pastels with water and top left of the card stock have mixed with Paper Artsy Fresco paint Snowflake, this really shows how versatile they are.

The Pastels mixed with the Fresco Snowflake paint looks like they could possibly work as skin tones if less metallic powder was added.


P1050049 crop

The other side is the pearl side and this enhances the metallic colours even more. Didn’t use the Pastels mixed with the Fresco paint but I hope you can see the slight difference from one side to the other.

Hoping you can see how lovely the Metallic Pan Pastels are.

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Monday, 16 September 2013

Rubber Stamps

Well i forgot to include the wonderful rubber stamps i purchased from Event City, doh!

I have been an admirer of one of this lady’s artwork for many years, it is  fantasy based and some images are quite ethereal.  Her name is Ching-Chou Kuik and i was gobsmacked when i saw some of her stamps at the Event city Show. I managed to just choose two, Halloween Trio and Raven Soul but i could have come home with many more.

The other stamp in the image is by a lady i have never heard of before, Elaine Cox from the US, just couldn’t resist the face of Mirima.


Thought you would want to see the stamps! Smile

Event City September 2013

The show this year was better than expected.  There were many different disciplines of craft represented alongside the ANNOYING Womens Weekly section. Don’t understand why we needed a whole corner taken up with a bedroom design the size of most of our lounges when most of us would have much preferred the Craft Room version!  Why has no-one cottoned onto our obsession for our bedrooms to be reinvented as Craft Rooms, seems silly to me, but i digress…

Without further ado here is the stash i saved up for:

P1050028  Square Kumihino Board


These Four Stencils are from Glitzcraft from Marlborough.  These are the people who said i would receive my fifth stencil Saturday morning.  I rang them this morning and they apologised for the delay, they mislaid my address and i should receive tomorrow, Tuesday 17th Sept 2013. Will let you know if it arrives, i am hopeful.


Been after HippyChick and the TCW small ledger stencils for ages.


Four of the new metallic Pan Pastels, which i haven’t had the chance to use yet.


Six Dylusions Spray Inks.


Got this particular book because it shows you how to do tangles in circles. Much more comfortable with circles than with symmetrical shapes, hope this helps me to relax so far just keep getting wound up, not the point of this discipline lol.


Was advised to visit the MDF man by some people on Twitter, glad i did!  Got a large Book, 2 tall hearts, a small tray and an 8 piece flip book, oh yes and two initials all for under £20, quite a bargain i think.


Had to get the Rook and Persian folders as they are my favourites. Not planning to get anymore for the time being.


Now for the items not on the list:


Antex Multi Master Craft Soldering Iron which i got from Wendy Cotterill from Gallery Textiles  Wendy tells me that i can also use the Clover Adaptor Head for seam ironing with this iron.



Always looking for yarns to use with my Rigid Heddle Loom, found these at the Black Sheep Wool stall and love the colours. The top image shows some merino and silk fibres and the bottom image some sari ribbon which i might use on a cushion to add interest, or knit, or weave…


Been trying to find a glaze to use on my kitchen tiles.  Have made a few of my own kitchen tiles from 2 x 2 Stampboard and UTTEE as a sample to test in my OH’s kitchen.  Used Krylon spray to seal them and it worked really well but, it is now so expensive to purchase that i am looking for an affordable replacement.  Spoke to the people at Decoupatch and they tell me this will do the job.  Have had an explanation of how to apply and a promise that if it doesn’t work i can take it back to the Event city Show next February and get a refund.

I only have another 122 stampboard tiles to make but wouldn’t do them until i had a replacement sealant, fingers crossed i can now get them done.

It would have been rude not to purchase some Decoupatch sheets while i was there so got 12 sheets for the price of 10.


Well, there it all is but i didn’t manage to get around the whole show in the day i had. 

Thanks for dropping by Smile

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Memo Board

Challenges are not my usual thing but I wanted to be part of the 10th Anniversary celebrations over at the wonderful Paper Artsy web site. 

I love owning their products whether it is their stamps, which are always wonderful to use and I always enjoy playing with them; their Fresco Chalk Paints are easy to use and blend and their Grunge Paste is a thing of wonder as it is so easy to use and gives fantastic results.  Have also fallen in love with Treasure Gold gilding wax and need to use it on most of my projects, the best results for me are when it is applied sparingly so you get a glint of the colour but, there are times when you just need to use it all over.

Applied via Twitter to take part and received the following items through the post a few days later.  Please note that the Fresco Chalk Paints in this image are my own, I did not receive them as part of the package. As you can see there was a colour palette we had to follow, I chose these colours to start with, added Hey Pesto later as needed to colour the leaves.


Wanted to create something I could use so I took a look around and found this piece of old pine shelving I had in my back yard. Sanded it down using a hand held using an electronic sander, removed the dust and then ran an old tea bag over it.


Didn’t like the yellowing pine look, wanted it to look more oak coloured and then there it was, the beginning of my idea of a Memo Board.  Always wanted a place I could use magnets and write messages so decided to try and make a hybrid Board, the instructions are over on the Paper Artsy Blog, please follow the link to see my project.

Here are the rest of the images I took, wanted to document as well as I could.  Loved every minute of creating my board and now have something I can use instead of putting in a box.











Hope you like the Memo Board, thanks for dropping by Smile

Tyvek Panel

Recently joined a Yahoo Group where we experiment with new materials and techniques.  This is my first month of swaps with them. I made a 6x6 inch tyvek panel which is to be either a wall hanging or a front for a journal or bag.

I have worked with tyvek before a few years ago and below are the results. Shows the difference between a little application of a heat gun or going all out and shrinking it down as far as possible. When this happens the material turns into a thick bendy and textured embellishment.


The remit for the challenge was to create either a book of 4 pages or a 6x6 inch panel. Started off painting the tyvek with Paper Artsy Fresco Paints on both sides.



Used Hey Pesto, Holly and Inky Pool for the background colours. I bought a huge donna Downey stamp from The Cubby Hole in Crewe and stamped this with a Brilliance ink pad.



Like how the tree hides in the background but later after i have used a heat gun on the tyvek it sort of disappears.


Stampotique characters are favourite stamps of mine, used Dweeze and Linda as they do look good together. Used more Paper Artsy Fresco paints to colour them in.


Hope you like the overstuffed panel, have my fingers crossed the lady it is intended for does too.  The panel was sewn together using hand embroidered french knots, wanted to give the panel a different edging to blanket stitch.

You can see how the panel has changed by the texture it now has, it is still soft to the touch but i fear not a panel more a small pillow.

Used acrylic stuffing and a silver material backing. Here are a couple of macro shots.



Thanks for dropping by Smile