Saturday, 5 December 2009


Been with my Partner nine years today, seems like a few months as time has flown by and doesn't seem to show signs of slowing down at all!!! Made a 5 x 5 bracket shaped mini book to celebrate this special occasion; there are mistakes but it was done overnight while couldn't sleep, that's my, seems to have turned out okay and might even post a couple of the completed pages over the next couple of days.

Been to have a swine flu jab today, this as well as normal flu jab, must be well and truly covered now! Rest of the day has been spent being quiet together as we normally do, no xmas shopping to do as already done; cards are up and running; presents need to be wrapped and delivered, cards posted/delivered. Think going to make tag cards this year and not use up too much card in the process, really am trying to be as green as possible in my crafting.....

Is it just me or does it really feel like xmas right now? No, there are a few shops with decorations up but not many; maybe it's the recession attitude kicking in, something doesn't feel quite right yet hence not feeling the rush usually get when preparing for the season of goodwill to all man.

Going to enjoy the rest of our day now; pizza being delivered around 19.00, followed by melt in the middle Belgian puddings and washed down with a fab bottle of wine. Mmmmm can't wait for time to get to 19.00. See am really wishing my life away it's not time marching away on as i thought :-)

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