Friday, 22 January 2010

Spent today updating where possible this blog. What a frustrating time. wanted to put a number of pictures in the same post but they look terrible if you upload and say you want them to the left or right etc. Need help with this so if anyone can help it would be appreciated, thank you.

Since the new year had an awful head cold and gout plus the snow. I've quite enjoyed my forced stay indoors as been able to take more pictures of items i've made. Today will show only 1 picture of the grungeboard bracelets i made for xmas pressies, sorry they are a tad dark in this photo. Really enjoyed making them. My friend Dizzy told me that the Purple Cow rotary cutter can cut grungeboard, was a tad sceptical but yes it can, thanks Dizzy for the heads up.

Also made some bookmarks which were very easy to do. Loving the smell of grungeboard/paper, it is very distinctive and reminds people of leather. Hope you like and thanks for stopping by :-)

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