Monday, 22 February 2010

Beeswax and UTTEE Creations

These are the finished items I made at the Suze Weinberg workshop last Wednesday 17th February 2010 .
The two images on the left are a 12" x 6" wood panel covered with beeswax, pictures from Alice In Wonderland were used for the theme, netting was used to create texture, a rubber stamp to compliment the these was also used. Perfect Pearls were dusted over to give the wonderful sheen. Finally a Sizzix die cut flower was added to create a focal point.

The blue background picture shows all the wonderful ways we used the Melt Pot, poured into a small doughnut pan to make jewellery; poured into moulds with photographs underneath to create embellishments and finally used memory glass and frames to create something quite unique.

The picture on the right is a two part Art Transfer Canvas using beeswax to create again something quite lovely.

Beeswax was the order of the morning and UTTEE was played with during the afternoon. Suze was a wonderful teacher and shared many of her techniques with us. Like a star struck fan I asked her to sign my Melt Pot DVD and to have some pictures taken with me. I was in line as a few of the ladies of course wanted some type of keepsake from the day. I will always remember this workshop with Suze as it was one of my dreams come true. Looking forward to 2011 when Suze might return to Craftrange.

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