Monday, 30 August 2010

Mini Book Blanks

Worked hard yesterday measuring, cutting and assembling a number of mini book blanks (22 to be exact) which are being delivered to my favourite charity later this week.  Also cut some paper into a similar size so the pages can be decorated with ease.


mini books for MINT 01I did find something else out about the Cinch while i was preparing the mini books.  There are five pages in each book which requires a thin O Wire, about 1/2”, to secure the pages.  The Cinch will only bind 3/4” upwards, i was quite surprised but am glad i still have my Zutter to put the smaller wires into place. 

I have NOT been put off purchasing the Cinch, overall it is a better machine especially if you have joint  or vision problems.  Go and use the Cinch for yourself before you make your mind up, reviews are just that, someone else’s point of view.

Thanks for dropping by:-)

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