Friday, 21 January 2011

Belated Birthdays and Experiments

Isn’t it annoying when you forget a birthday… Hopefully the card will arrive only five days late along with apologies.

guj bday web

GUJ inside 01 web

GUJ inside 02 web

Chose to photograph the card from different angles as experimenting with new camera.  You get to see the inside of the card from two different angles which i’ve never done before. 


I really don’t enjoy just putting together a card but this is an emergency. If i don’t this one will arrive late too, so found a HunkyDory kit from 2010 and set about sticking it together.  Not my colours but very girly and i’m sure will be welcomed as L enjoys pink.

Pink is a very on trend colour for 2011.

Leann bday web


Finally for today i saw Diane from Inkylicious doing a technique on Create and Craft that usually takes a brayer and a long time to complete.  She has given me hope that at last i can attempt the same but in a couple of minutes. Here is my attempt…

Sunset web

at a sunset with mountains and a sun.  The sun is too red, apart from that i am quite happy with this first attempt.  Diane used the Big and Juicy ink pads, i used Distress inks as i don’t own any of the Big and Juicy pads at the moment.

I purchased some shaving brushes from Paddy's Stamping Place sale last Saturday.  I am so glad i got them!!! Have struggled with all other ways to apply Distress inks but using a brush is definitely the way for me.  The ink goes on easily and then blends so well, i would urge you to try using a brush and see for yourself how easy they are to use.


  1. Love the clock and cogs card! Looks stunning. Sunset card has lovely colours and is a great first attempt. Remember practice makes perfect and you'll soon be able to produce fantastic effects blindfolded :-)

  2. The top card with the clocks is wonderful Paula! Haven’t seen you at Paddy’s for a while - hopefully before too long we’ll meet up again. S x