Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Less Is More Challenge Number 17

lim wk 17 image

This week over at the ever so popular Less Is More our challenge is to  PICK A SQUARE. Have just looked on the site and there are more than 250 entries so far this week, most of them are amazing and i’m not too sure if i should even post my not very good cards…

Went on a crafting day to learn how to make Millifiori polymer clay canes last week and my hands were so sore afterwards. They had swelled and bruised and have made it difficult to craft this last few days.  Started making the cards last Sunday during the Monaco F1 race and only just finished. Hands haven’t felt comfortable typing until now. I found this quite a tricky challenge but here are my entries …

skull 01 crop

skull macro 01 crop

Angel Hair crop 01

Angel Hair macro crop 01

button crop 01

button crop 02

Japanese crop 01

Japanese macro crop 01

medalllion crop 01

If you have the time to leave a comment it will be greatly appreciated and will pop by and leave one on yours.  Feedback is always welcome good or bad but i must say you might find it hard to find anything positive to say as i don’t feel the cards are that good.

Thanks for taking the time to drop by:-)


  1. WOO HOO - catching up by posting a card at each corner!! ALL totally fab!


  2. Oh my, haven't you been a busy girl!! My fave is the four daisies I think - but it's tough to choose. Hugs Sxx

  3. Wow, what a fab bunch of cards!! I love all of them!

  4. My goodness you've been a busy girl... thanks for putting in such an effort, it's greatly appreciated!
    Difficult to choose a fave!
    Thanks so much for your continued support.
    Lady LIM
    "Less is More"

  5. Well done you for making and posting all these cards. I love the oriental one but I think my favourite is the four flower button one. xx

  6. Hello there, WOW you've been a busy bunny, love your CAS cards, I'm impressed. Love all the different techniques, you're getting the hang of these now:0) xxx

  7. You have been so busy!!! Such a variety of looks - my favourite is the angel hair card - but I kinda like the skeleton too!!

  8. Oh my goodness you simply had to post these they are all fabulous so many ideas and techniques outstanding! XOXO Zoe

  9. Great set of cards. Four daisy card is my favourite, but love the skeleton image, is it a stamp or a topper?
    Love the colours in the fibre card, though I might have been tempted to leave the fibres loose round the edges rather than cutting it out? (That might have detracted from the image though)
    You've done a great job :-) xx

  10. Wow 6 cards, blimey charlie, as for the cards not being good, I disagree, I think they are all worthy of entry for the challenge and all so different, a great selection.

  11. Terrific selection, Annette x

  12. Look at you go with all the cards!! Fabulous a favorite...hmmmmmm...I think maybe the second card. I LOVE the colors in that!!! Hope you're having a great week (and that your hands get better!)
    My card is HERE

  13. Wow! Six cards! And I thought I'd reached new heights by making four! :) AND you made them all different AND used all five placements of squares! Awesome stuff! Like like all of them!

  14. You have been busy MoH
    i love the filagree one [2nd] Gorgeous colours
    Thank you for your entry
    Diva LIM mandi
    Less is More

  15. Busy busy girl and totally disagree with you all of them are lovely especially like the last one. Hope your hands are on the mend now.


  16. oh dear you have been in the wars for your craft - hope your hands are better now.
    I like the second one best, love the colours you used.