Wednesday, 4 February 2015

20 Year Old Belt

In June 2014 i visited a local craft store to see Andy Skinner and Mark Gould demonstrate some new DecoArt products, i have to say that i was blown away by their versatility and value for money. I purchased a lot of the new Mixed Media Paints and Mediums and started playing with them immediately i got home.

I loved the products so much i have recently become part of the DecoArt Blogger Outreach Programme as i wanted to spread the word via my blog. Being part of the Programme allows me to order free products and so when you see any of my blogs where i mention DecoArt please be aware that the items i am using have been provided by DecoArt, however my views on these products are my own.

Please go and visit their two blogs, the links are below, where you will find lots of projects and information on all their product range and i hope like me you will begin to love using their products.

DecoArt Blog

DecoArt Mixed Media Blog


My lovely OH wears a belt he purchased from M&S about 20 years ago and despite the new belts he has received over the years always reverts back to this one.

I noticed cracks had started to appear and white areas had started to appear and the stitching has faded so asked him to let me have it for a few hours so i could try to make it look a little bit better.


I like their All Purpose Paints very much as they give fantastic coverage and the pair of shoes i painted a while ago are still looking beautiful.




Using the Black Tile paint and a medium paintbrush i added 3 layers of the paint to both sides of the belt. The above images show the belt after one layer has been added.



The above images show the belt after 3 layers of paint have been added.


Then added 3 layers of the most wonderful varnish you will ever use it is called Soft Touch and it is so tactile you will sit stroking whatever you have covered it with and won’t want to give it away lol.



The Black Tile paint is a satin finish but when you paint over the Soft Touch Varnish it becomes more matt, you can see the difference in the images above and also how fantastic the belt now looks on the edges that were all rough.


My happy OH modelling his newly painted and varnished belt ready for another 20 years of wear and tear.

Hope you have enjoyed your visit today and am looking forward to reading your lovely comments.

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  1. Wow Mo. That is fantastic. You have truly sold a lot of people on those two products. I was truly impressed. And your hubby's belt looks good as new, too. Really a wonderful project and a super outcome.

  2. Just read your comment you left on my T post. I'm SO sorry to read you've been sick. Now I understand why you've been MIA. Please feel better soon, dear friend.

  3. Fantastic idea! This belt looks really good. I think it's great to make the most of what we already have and if there's another 20yrs left in this belt that's great news! Well done! My OH's belts are too numerous for me to count and he tends to scatter them throughout the house - maybe I should decorate one the next time he does this!

  4. Great idea, up-cycling is so underrated but doing little things like this is what helps us to stop clogging up landfills. The belt looks like new, fantastic job - love it!! xx

  5. This is really clever Mo,I'm all for keeping stuff that we love ;)
    Decoart products are wonderful and I've been lazy not signing up to it yet!
    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  6. This is definitely art of a new kind, Mo, and I know that your husband loves it! Such a clever "fix" for something old and true and loved. I will check out the two DecoArt blogs! Congrats on this new gig!

  7. What a great idea; bravo you for giving it a go MoH and having 100% success. I will check out the link, thank you.
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my recent blog posts. Wee Man turned to me and said 'Hi', to me, as you wrote, lol and you made me chuckle with your comment about checking the auroras tonight, lol. :D :D You are so sweet. Be well x

  8. Thanks for another brilliant blog post. I will check out those blogs.
    Love your brilliant usage for the paints and wonderful modelling by OH. x

  9. A fabulous use for those paints! xxx

  10. You're always a step ahead and in the know! Just checked out the DecoArt program and although tempted, find the questionnaire a tad intrusive... Probably too late anyway.
    Still your experiment is very interesting as I have a similar person here who won't dream of binning his old belt (also shoes, trousers etc... he's a shop-o-phobic!).

  11. What is it with men and their clothes that they just wont throw anything away lol. Trouble is he's right, because this is as good if not better than new lol xx

  12. First of all, how sweet of you to fix this up for him, secondly, what a genius idea to use your paint for that! Good to know how versatile the products can be! hugs :)

  13. Well, well, well - talk about thinking outside the box (or below the belt?). What an inspiring post!
    Alison xx

  14. Wonderful reformation. You should have painted flowers on it though! Xx

  15. Great job and another save from the landfill, wonderful!