Thursday, 11 March 2010

Stamping Club Saturday 6th March

Last Saturday a lady called Margaret Rose from Stampin’ Up came to show us how to make quick cards and a couple of very useful embellishments. Thank You Margaret Rose for showing me how to use up scraps of paper.  The first thing we were shown was how to make a button.

IMG_0713 Button

Take a  round punch of whatever size you have, depends what size button you need for your project. Cut out 5 circles, stick them together, take a paper punch or Cropodile and cut out the holes in the middle; use either Glossy Accents or a glaze and paint over the top. You then have a completed button.

It would also be great to stamp onto the top layer or run it through a texture plate to give it some extra interest and texture. Let your imagination play…


Take scrap card stock and a 2” scallop punch, punch out 7 shapes. Cut down the scallops until you have a flower shape instead of a scallop. Take a non stick mat and spritz all seven flowers with water making sure you do both sides until they are damp but not wet. Take each layer and scrunch it until the shape looks distressed. When completed layer them all up and punch a hole in the middle.

Take a piece of ribbon approx 8cm in length and tie a knot in the middle; place the tails together and feed from the top through to the back of the flower leaving the knot to form the centre of your flower. The finished flowers look fantastic.

Again play with your flowers, use mica powders with water to create custom coloured flowers, also stamping onto all the layers would give a wonderful effect.

I attached my flower to a birthday card as an embellishment as seen above.


The pouch was very quick to do and you can find many instructions on how to make these from templates on the web or on CD’s that you might have purchased.


After lunch we made a set of notelets using the Stampin’ Up stamps.


We were given all the kits on the day and I was pleased that I got to use a blue set.  The stamp was from one of their sets and I really like it.  Decided to keep mine simple and rip and tear the background papers and not add any of the embellishments which were provided.

Thank you for stopping by, comments appreciated :-)

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