Sunday, 19 January 2014

Paper Artsy Challenge JAL

I hope Julie Ann will forgive me for using her initials in the title, i think they look great!

Over at Paper Artsy this week they have introduced a new Guest Designer called Julie Ann Lee, she is an amazing Crafter, very talented and makes some beautiful things, you really should visit her Blog, i am sure you won’t be able to tear yourself away.

Julie Ann has made the most amazing casket which she blogged over three nights. She has inspired me to alter an MDF Handbag as i don’t have any boxes at the moment.This is the front of the finished Handbag.


This could turn into a very heavy picture post, thought i would spare you by not posting every one i took. I hope the following images give you a flavour of how it was put together.



Base coated in Snowflake Fresco then a layer of Nougat then used Grunge Paste through a couple of stencils.



Used a number of Fresco Paints to get this finish, wanted to see if i could achieve a summer scene.Forgot to take any pictures between the base and the above lol.





Took a break from the project as i couldn’t find a Story for the Handbag, nor could i think of what to include as the secret stuff inside, it is at least completed, now for the inside bits.

Forgot to say i have used Inktense Pencils to colour the moths and have added a lot of Treasure Gold to the flowers, the feet and the handle. Everything else fresco Paints.

The Handbag

This Handbag belongs to an older lady who loves to garden, amongst other pastimes. She loves a bit of sparkle and has a wicked sense of humour but she is often quiet and so not everyone knows her.

She keep things to remind her of her Dad who introduced her to planting and pruning and reading gardening books. So many wonderful flowers to choose from…

She keeps a little note pad in her bag as her memory isn’t what it was.








She can make notes, write down things to do and remember birthdays while she is down the bottom of her garden waiting for the Garden Fairies to visit.

She has a few other bits and bobs in there too.


Plant Markers.




Buttons come in useful for many things but mostly they cheer her up.


Fish Meal to feed her vegetables.


Ah yes, reminders of her time with her Dad when they used to collect flower and vegetable cards.



A few of her special favourites she always carries with her. Here is the handbag full of the above items. Wonder if she’s seen the spiders, argh!

Time to leave all the special bits in the house while she visits with her Garden Fairies.






Hope you like the Handbag, the story and the secret bits she carries with her, do you know who she is?

Is she You?

Well i see i have overdone the pictures again, sorry!!! Hope you have enjoyed visiting and leave a comment so i can see if you have or not.

I Believe!

Do you?




  1. Your bag is truly stunning, love how you have made all the contents as well. you should be very proud of this x

  2. wow this is totally fabulous and can appreciate all the hard work that went into making it. Hugs Annette x

  3. W.O.W!!!!! this is stunning! you should be feeling very smug and pleased with this.

  4. Wow! Amazing project, it's beautiful outside and inside. Love the stories that go with it too. Well done for doing so much in so little time.

  5. WOW!!!! That is gorgeous. I love all the treasures inside & the outside looks wonderful.

  6. So gorgeous!! Will look properly again on the computerlater

  7. Oh my what a wonderful project and just as wonderful is the character you wove through it! I thoroughly enjoyed all the photos and reading the narrative too. Gorgeous project and blog post!

    Lesley Xx

  8. Wow wow wow I BELIEVE you have blown me away with your handbag. I love every single little detail. Such a fantastic story which made me smile. We must know the same faeries lol really fantastic piece lovely Very Well a Done xxxx

  9. Hunni this is truly fabulous! Stunning project. I love all the extras inside. Lots of thought put into it. Well done u! xxx

  10. I adore this project! It is just bursting with wonderful ideas, blossoming with creativity in fact! I love, love, love what you have done and I've scrutinised every picture so don't apologize for sharing your process - it's great! Thank you for playing along! I keep saying this to people, but I really mean it, I feel very moved by such beautiful, heartfelt work. Julie Ann xxx

  11. Well done on an amazing project. I remember when you got stuck on the outside, but you worked on it and it was certainly worth it. I really love the background grasses and have smiled at your story and the contents. It's really lovely to share special moments with one another. What a lovely #Patwit family we are. X

  12. not me, I think she's you.

    Gobsmacked at the work you put into this, totally in love with the 3 fairy tiles inside

  13. WOW this is amazing! I love the handbag and all the little personal bits inside. The story made me smile, and those fairy tiles are gorgeous. I hope this has pride of place somewhere! xx

  14. This is a wonderful handbag! Love the puppet image on the inside. Actually, the first time I am allowed to look inside a handbag :)

  15. wowee - so glad you won this week with such a fab project - I used to help my dad at his allotment when I was little so the story really brought back some memories as it's something I still love x

  16. Fabulous project. Beautiful images and colours, the box of inside is so pretty. And you made many lovely treasures. I love it!! xx

  17. Oh my gosh! This is absolutely gorgeous, inside & out! I love all the little treasures, & the wonderful story!
    Alison xxx

  18. Um trabalho muito lindo rico em detalhes encantadores.
    é sempre um prazer apreciar tua arte.

    1. A very beautiful work rich in charming details.
      is always a pleasure to enjoy your art.

      Thank you Joelma, lovely comment :-) xxx

  19. A fabulous project with gorgeous ideas and a fabulous story behind it, I just love the inside and outside. TFS.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  20. Oh, My!!!! Just for the record, you could NEVER ever have too many pictures! LOL!!! Gorgeous!!! Hugs, Terri ♥

  21. Fabulous bag, love all the colours and textures. Beautiful story too, and the lovely notebook and image x