Monday, 14 June 2010

Art Journaling Workshop

Managed to attend an Art Journaling Workshop at Paddys Stamping Place late last week.  I have been trying to get on this workshop since last year but due to one thing or another hadn’t managed to do so.

I received an email from Paddy with details of upcoming workshops and rang to see if there were any spaces when i was told yes i booked immediately!!!

Sarah Anderson was doing a repeat of her Art Journaling 1 and 2 courses. Perhaps i was lucky as got a crash course in journaling as i only expected to complete Part 1. 

IMG_1053Chose an 8x8 size book to use. Thought this might give more space to practice for techniques and writing practice.  Sarah gave an overview of what Art Journaling is all about; my understanding ‘be in the moment, use colour and words as they reveal themselves and have fun’. 

IMG_1054 Above is Sarah explaining how to use paint without thought, just get it onto the page and be as messy as you like… Below my very first blank journal pages…

IMG_1056Just to get the idea of sploshing (a technical term…) i chose colours i really like and went to town.

IMG_1057To get my page looking like this i used Stewart Gill Colourise paints and stencils from various companies. Carried on building the page; stamped out a couple of images then placed onto the pages in a random manner and left room for writing if i wanted to do that at a later stage.

Our next task was to colour a few more pages, this time using colours i wouldn’t normally use or want to experiment with. I chose to use more Stewart Gill paints and Mica Sprays.




This next page is one of my favourites so far, used torn up book pages some of which i’d stamped on by mistake earlier in the day. Painted over using different coloured paints and finally overstamped the page with True Colour white paint over a Paper Artsy stamp and added a couple of embellishments.



Got to finally have a go at a technique i’d heard about but never had the time to try using shaving foam and re-inkers.  Sarah got really messy and showed us how to mix, apply and remove the shaving foam from the page. I thought it was going to be quite damp and was surprised when the page was completely dry.

IMG_1080Had to go over it immediately as not a huge fan of yellow, used stencils and paints as before. Doesn’t look too bad when it’s photographed…  The last pages were coloured using Tim Holtz Distress Inks. 

IMG_1082Sarah brought out her vast array of alternative tools to bring texture and shape to your journaling.  Some of these included plastic cooking utensils, doilies, cleaning cloths, rubber mats, felt mats for spraying through, the list was quite extensive.  She also showed us how to take a small marble, cover it in paint and roll over the pages to get a really different look.  The message was look around and see what you can re-use…  Tried to give a fancy edge and used a very large flower on the left hand page, i do have plans to show it off better but that’s for another day.

The afternoon session was more about how to use fonts when you are journaling. Consistency is the keyword, stick to the same font for the page you are working on; unless you don’t want to of course as it is down to how you feel in that moment :-)

I would like to mention something that many people overlook; when you have got to a stage where you are happy with your page take a picture; this can by used as a background for you to print out for some other project.  There are so many programmes available where you can manipulate your own backgrounds to create something very unique.  Here are a couple of mine…


Thanks for dropping by and i hope you are having fun with your crafting projects too:-) 

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