Tuesday, 22 June 2010

It’s A Cinch

First saw the WRMK Cinch binding machine on QVC last week. I was quite taken with it but with already having a Zutter Bind it All i wasn’t too sure whether the Cinch was required.  I listened as Andrew from WRMK informed us about all the machine could do…

There were a number of advantages over the Zutter the main one being ease of use. I have joint problems and find working the Zutter quite difficult on occasions. I liked the horizontal working area, the fact that you can get more papers prepared at once  plus the biggest seller was that the Cinch has been designed around the Cropodile and i know how many surfaces this can go through. 

QVC had a special price introductory price and 3 easy pay option.  Mulled it over for 24 hours and decided to go ahead and get it, the Cinch arrived yesterday!IMG_1103 The delivery man couldn’t get an answer so dropped the box over my back gate, when i opened the box up it was so well packed that the machine sustained no injuries, thank goodness. Loving the instructions that come with the machine, very simple and easy to understand.

IMG_1113The other thing that i liked about the Cinch is the ability to punch out holes where you want them. I’ve never worked out how to do that with the Zutter.

IMG_1111The above picture shows the two thickest pieces of mount board i could find and a sheet of acetate which have all gone through the Cinch.  All these pages went through without any problem and i love the clean cut.  The only thing i miss are the square holes that the Zutter cuts.  The collection tray is huge and so doesn’t need constant emptying.


Storing the Cinch is great as it stands upright and is lightweight enough for me to move around. 

IMG_1109 This machine has been thought out really well, is lovely to use and i’m glad i took the plunge.  My Zutter is staying as there is a place in my craft room for both of these binding machines.

Thanks for dropping by:-)

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  1. So glad the Cinch arrived safe & sound. You make it sound like a need not a want and I'm sorely tempted!