Thursday, 10 June 2010

Charity Cards

Been making some cards for a local  charity, decided to use up some very girlie stickers i’ve had for ages but using some lovely techniques to enhance them.

IMG_0223Used a free stamp from Craft Stamper magazine; kept to black and white theme for this set.

IMG_0707 Stopped when i’d made nine boxes of six notecards with decorated envelopes as needed to deliver them. 

9 boxed card sets June 4 2010 02Delivered the boxes last  Friday  and was asked to make some condolence cards.  Here are a few sample cards…



IMG_1043 IMG_1042 IMG_1047

All are going to have blank inners and decorated envelopes.  Off to chose the final three designs and then make 10 of each; or i might design some more butterfly themed cards…


Got an email today telling me that there is a workshop tomorrow in Prestwich that i have been wanting to attend for quite a while; an Art Journaling Workshop with Sarah Anderson at Paddys Stamping Place in Prestwich Manchester. Been wanting to attend one of Sarah’s workshops for ages but not been well enough to do so. Going to be a long day but worth the effort…

Thanks for dropping by:-)

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