Monday, 12 July 2010

Paper Flowers

Decided to have a go at making paper flowers this week as they seem to be quite popular at the moment.

paper flowers 01 Used Paper Artsy Hot Pick stamp plates 1004 and 1006 and two of their die cuts too.  I used paper tissues that had mopped up Cosmic Shimmer mica sprays from a Teflon non stick mat for the outside two flowers.  The middle flower was made from dried out baby wipes that had also mopped up mica spray colours.

I loved the two very distinct textures that these flowers bring.  The tissues are light and crisp and the baby wipes are just like velvet.  The tissue also has a sheen whereas the baby wipes are flat colour despite having mopped up mica colours.

paper flowers 02The above two flowers were made from the same materials but have different centres to them.  I like to keep all of the tiny papers that are made from punching out with the Zutter and the Cinch.  Place a few in the centre of each of the flowers and cover with Stickles Glitter Glue or a clear dimensional glue. When dry they make lovely glittery embellishments.  I shaped the bases on this occasion to give a little more depth to the completed shape.

Enjoyed making these very much, here they are on a thank you card.


Paper Flower Thank you card July 2010Thanks for dropping by, please leave a comment as it’s always good to know someone has dropped by:-)

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  1. These flowers are gorgeous, have not been satisifed with my attempts but you tempt me to try agian. popped over having read your comments on the CS Digi debate. Found myself agreeing with what you were saying and having spoken out earlier it is refreshing to hear someone else making very similer comments, so glad you did. Take care and have fun Zoe