Monday, 19 July 2010

Shrink Plastic Workshop

Attended a really fantastic Shrink Plastic Workshop at Paddys Stamping Place in Prestwich last week.  The tutor was Helen Jackson, known to her friends as ‘The Queen of Shrink Plastic’ as she has always had a fascination for working with this medium.

Blk shrink with micaBlack shrink plastic is one of Helen’s favourite colours to work with as she say’s that this is quite flexible when ‘superheated’.  First of all we sprayed it with Sticky Fingers mica sprays which are available from Paddys. 

trans shrink with micaTranslucent shrink was the next to spray with mica colours.  Took about two hours for the sheets to dry so we could play with them.  While the sheets dried we played with Stazon ink pads both the opaque and the new metallic colours.

stazon on blk aftr shrinkI wasn’t too sure about the new metallic Stazon colours when i first used them; upon reflection they do give a slight dimension to the finished shrink piece and looked more like an enamelled piece of work.  They are quite expensive at £9.99 per pad and you have to ink them up quite regularly while stamping.  Only got about three or four clear impressions with each re inking, it is messy to do this too.  I think i will stay with Brilliance ink pads for the time being; if you try the new Stazon metallics please let me know what you think.

curled trans shrink 01This picture isn’t too clear, sorry about that but the best i could do at the time…  These curled pieces are from the translucent sheet above.  When the sheet was dry we were guided to choose some stamps and to cover the whole sheet with our chosen images.  We then keyed the reverse of the sheet and used chalks to colour the whole area. 

Helen then showed us some amazing techniques using a mini oven, kebab and cocktail sticks, fantasy film and Intaglio.  I really need to take more pictures and post them as this was one of the best workshops i’ve attended and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Helen as a tutor.

Thanks for dropping by :-)

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