Monday, 25 November 2013

Close Up Of Metallic PP

A quick post to show you the difference between the six Metallic Colours of Pan Pastels.

Hopefully you will be able to see the subtle differences in the two different gold colours and the silver/pewter colours.


In the macro picture below are the Copper (left) and Bronze (right) Metallic pan Pastels.



In the next macro shot we have Rich Gold (left) and Light Gold (right) Metallic Pan Pastels. 



Finally here are the last two Metallic Pan Pastel Colours Pewter (left) and Silver (right).


Here they are all together


If you can afford to purchase all six colours i would as they are so very different when applied to your projects.

For example the Pewter is quite dark and rich, the Silver is lighter but when applied over any other colour(any other medium) it adds a wonderful subtle shimmer. I am still surprised how wonderful the Silver is, it wasn’t my first choice but after i saw how it could be used i purchased it at the next craft show.

The Copper, Rich Gold and Pewter are the darker metallic colours. Bronze, Light Gold and Silver are where the magic happens after you apply them over other mediums.

Hope this short post has helped you to see the subtle differences between all of the Metallic Colours.  Looking forward to reading your comments on whether you like or dislike the new Metallic Pan Pastels, i for one am a huge fan.

Thanks for dropping by Smile


  1. Thanks lovely for sharing this info. I've looked at them but not sure whether I would buy some. They are definetly on my wish list x

  2. Ooooh thank you, still not sure about the pewter and rich gold though!!