Friday, 11 July 2014

Xyron X4

While sorting out my crafty stash i came across an old cartridge from Xyron. I have a very old X4 which is a 4 inch wide, hand held machine. 


I took the cartridge apart, you can see all the different parts in the above image.

The main reason i did this is because brayering is very popular at the moment and there on the cartridge is a small roller that can be used as a type of brayer.

I have used the roller as a brayer and it works quite well, it will only go in straight lines but it is good if you are using permanent inks and you don’t want to ruin your only one.

You can also use the circles shapes to draw around, the oblong shapes to create a border, by drawing inside them and the two stick shaped items you could attach onto a larger base and use to store your washi tape.

Thanks for dropping by, looking forward to your comments, am hoping to read how you have upcycled items from your crafty waste.



  1. So creative!!!, well done :D how do you run it along, have you made a handle? Happy weekend to you :D Gay x

    1. No handle yet, but i could make one from an old wire hanger. I just roll it along while holding it at the sides while getting very messy.

      You have a wonderful weekend too Gay :-) xxx