Thursday, 28 August 2014

Pan Pastel PINK PINK and more PINK

Over at the Pan Pastel Blog the challenge is all about PINK. Now those of you who know me know i really don’t like pink but recently had a breakthrough when i realised i could craft with it just not wear it or have it in my surroundings.

Have been catching up on my DLP pages, week 29 task was to make a wish list. Here is mine:


Used a Project Life card to create my wish list on, you can see the dots in the frame behind the pink flowers, created this using CAP2.

Went over the page background with a light coat of Magenta Pan Pastel over the base coat of Blush Fresco Finish paint from Paper Artsy, over stamped she script with Victorian Velvet Distress Ink pad, and then dusted down and sealed.

On the card i stencilled the flowers from a Paper Artsy Lin Brown collection stencil using the Snowflake Fresco mixed with Magenta Pan Pastel, dried this off then over stencilled the dots from the same stencil and went round the edge of the card with the Magenta Pan Pastel again to add depth. Added some sparkly pink dots to add a little bling to the flower heads.

Twinkie from Stampotique was coloured using Pan Pastels and with a cotton wool ear bud.  His wings are made from Grungeboard, cut from a Paper Artsy Moth Die and stamped with the matching stamp. He looks very cool with wings doesn’t he!

Went round the card with both Uni Pin black pen and a white Uniball Signo pen, made an error so added a couple of little doodles.

Added the wishes to the card and the title and OH YEAH to the bottom of the page, this comes from Despicable Me, my OH finds it hilarious so this bit is for him lol.


The wish list is something to achieve in the next year, i have my fingers crossed!

Hope you like the macro shot of Twinkie in Pink with wings.

Hope you get chance to leave a comment so i know you have dropped by.



  1. I love Twinkie in pink on your page! He looks happy with his wings. I think he likes them..... I hope your wishes come true!!!

  2. Love Twinkie! Great page.

  3. Twinkle looks great with wings lol. Love what you have created lovely. You have used the Pink very well I love how the background has been picked up with flowers. The little doodles really add a nice touch too. Love it xxx

  4. Brilliant use of Twinkle and I love how you have used the colour theme to make something funky rather than sweet and pastelly, fabulous!!

  5. Twinkie, Twinkie, my little star
    Grant my wish to drive a flashy car
    If I could I'd take you with me,
    Buy you a meal and set you free-ee
    Twinkie, Twinkie, my little star
    Grant my wish and you will go far!

    You need to sing my reply, fab post by the way! Xx

  6. I hope your wishes come true MoH, though driving a fast car would scare me to death lol. Twinkie looks fab in pink - he's a modern guy! Well done for tackling the challenge, I saw pink, pink, and thought 'maybe next time'.... :-) xx

  7. Ah Twinkie is super sweet,love the wings on him. A great fun piece,you can't help but have fun when you use the Stampotique stamps can you :))

    Donna xxx

  8. What a lovely card!! The color is very appealing! Thank you for your always supportive words!! ♥

  9. You scored big on this pink challenge! Twinkie is "pretty in pink," yet retains his masculinity-even with those neon green socks! I love your hand drawn tags on which you have shared your wishes for the coming year. May they all come true for you!

  10. A really playful card love the wings and the colours, Thank you for your comment on my make and take the background was created with a Tim Holtz fade. Dee x

  11. Pink actually goes really well with this fun card! I tend not to like pink usually either and then on some projects it works really quite well. I too hope your wishes come true. xxx

  12. Hi There MOH, :D So happy you've embraced your pink side LOL This is a wonderful page, love all your details, and the bling! Twinkie looks resplendent in his wings :D Have a lovely weekend, there's only one day to go now LOL Gay x

  13. That is such a lot of fun and I hope all your wishes come true :D

  14. Great page,love the background and stamp-hope you get your wishes
    Carol x

  15. Well I have to admit that I can't see any pink on this page at all, it looks a purpley lilac to me, so now wonder you all rib me about pink when I've used red - lol

    Sam xxx

  16. Twinkie looks fab in pink, with his wings! I love the stencilled flowers with gems too, & the squiggles make a great cover up!
    Hope all your wishes come true mate.
    Alison xxx

  17. Pink is not my favourite colour either but I'm not afraid to use it... I have been surrounded with the stuff this week as I made 2 entries for the challenge! I Love the stencilled (and jewelled bits) and the humour that this card exudes. OK Twinkie's not my cup of tea, but I can see the attraction!

  18. What a great way to record those wishes and I love the pink, you did a great job here.
    hugs Brenda xx

  19. Wow fab take on our 'pink' challenge, love your wish list! Thanks so much for joining our 'pink' challenge at
    Claire xx

  20. This is so much fun!!!! I love that you can use pink in your crafts, but don't have to wear it or have it in your surroundings! Your wish list is so creative and cool! I LOVE IT!!!!!

  21. I love stampotique and I used pen pastels for the first time yesterday. I love them.great page. As for the spri taxes, yes I think they are the misters, I slats mushrooms words up for products ;-) I must try and stop that lol x

  22. I love your pink! And you made it cool with your subject ;) This really is so fun! xoxo

  23. Twinkie is a cutie... adore your wish list all in the " pink "!
    Thank you for joining in the fun over at Pan Pastel UK Challenge. xoxox

  24. Love the little labels - such fun - and Twinkie looks so cute in pink!
    Alison xx