Thursday, 21 August 2014

Speed Crafting

Catching up on my Twitter timeline i noticed that Keren Baker was taking part in a Speed Challenge on her Blog. If you follow the link above you will find all the details if you want to have a play and links to the other Craft Friends who joined Keren for this challenge.

Here is my attempt, i missed the 10 minutes by a fraction!

timer for speed craft 1 aug 2014

Here are the supplies i gathered.


After 7 minutes of craft time


The completed card


I didn’t use all of the supplies i gathered, some of the items i chose were mop up backgrounds and embellishments from stash that had already been coloured, this helped with the time constraint.

Hope you like my attempt, i had fun just throwing colours and bits together and no time for thinking.  Maybe you feel like joining in too.

Thanks for dropping by, looking forward to reading your comments which are always much appreciated.



  1. Ooh. What's 4 seconds amongst friends!! I love the swoosh of colour and that beautiful butterfly and the curled up pennant shape! Gorgeous x

  2. This is gorgeous, lovely layers & that butterfly is beautiful!
    Alison xxx

  3. Wow I love this. All the scrummy layers and great colour scheme love it ALOT XXX

  4. Oh yes, that's really beautiful. AND in 10 minutes?! Wow, I would fail miserably on a speed challenge, I swear I take forever to do anything. I can't believe how intricate it is for only a few minutes. Bravo, xoxo

  5. This is incredible in 10 minutes! I love the colour scheme and the butterfly! It just goes to show that an eye for colour, design and composition will stand you in good stead however little time there is! Well done! I'd love to join in this challenge. I might just give it a go because 10 minutes is about all I have to spare atm! I doubt that what I created would be as lovely as this though! xxx

  6. This is one lovely card! Even having some of the elements premade, I can't believe you created this in just over 10 minutes! It's absolutely gorgeous--way to go!

  7. Hey! Fantastic! I'm so glad to see you joining our little challenge! Your card is fantastic!! I need to beat the time myself next time so I'll let you know when the next challenge is so you can have a go. I think we might have a theme next time ;)
    Thank you for joining my blog! I'm off to join yours so we can keep in touch ;)
    Best wishes,
    Ingrid xx

  8. Excellently done in such a short amount of time. I probably wouldn't even have supplies in ten minutes, haha :D

  9. Wow, how superb is this and to be completed in such a short time too. Just shows that things can be completed quickly without over thinking them, but it never seems to happen to me lol.
    hugs Brenda xx