Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Q&L Challenge 25 Faith or Harmony

I have enjoyed the Quotes and Lyrics challenge over at the Craft Barn and would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who sets the challenges and keeps it going. It has been an education and lots of fun.

The next Challenge will be announced on January 5th 2015, hope to see you there!

Have met some lovely people through this challenge and have had some of the most kind and encouraging comments left. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has taken the time out of their busy lives to drop by and leave those comments.

Seeing as i got the most comments when i made a digital iCard entry i have continued to create them. This being the last challenge for 2014 i hope you enjoy this one too.

Q&L Chall 52 Faith Harmony

Used a few different digi kits from Craft Artist Professional 2.

The Quote is from George Washington and reads:

“Observe good FAITH and justice towards all nations. Cultivate peace and HARMONY with all”.

Q&L Chall 52 bk Faith Harmony

The back of the iCard showing the Challenge details.

Thanks for dropping by, hope you have time in the busy run up to Christmas to leave a comment.



  1. Great balance in the imagery, good choice too. You certainly have mastered this digital malarkey!

  2. Beautiful background and well done on finding a quote with both words in it. Great that you've finished the challenge and look forward to seeing you in 2015. Merry Christmas

  3. I've always loved the detail you get with your iCards, and this one is no different. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my entries. Hope to see you next year! :D

  4. I love your iCards,always have lovely quotes attached. You deserve every lovely comment you get Mo as not only do you create fab stuff you are always more then generous in leaving encouraging comments for others too :)

    Extra big hugs
    Donna xxx

  5. Gorgeous Icard again with a fantastic quote and how great you managed to finish up the whole year with this!

  6. great card - I nearly used that quote too, funnily enough.

  7. Fab i-card. Love all the elements for the background... and we used the same quote :)

  8. It's been such a fun year, and I have enjoyed seeing each of your iCards you created. And I feel I have made a great new friend, too.

    The ink bottle was the perfect addition to this quote. It was genius. I also hope to keep this friendship going whether we continue the CB challenge in the new year, or just stay friends in general.

    I'm sure I'll be by before then, but if something unexpected happens, here's to a warm and safe Christmas.

  9. It has been such a pleasure to stop by and see your icards for the challenge. I have looked forward to your quotes as you are probably one of the only posters who consistently found quotes with both words. Thank you for all your visit and kind comments on my ATCs. Merry Christmas!

  10. Fabulous make Mo! I love the Washington quote you used here! Thanks also to you for always leaving such wonderful comments, it's such a joy to visit your blog and to read what you think about my work. Here's to another fabulous year! holiday hugs :)

  11. Another super iCard, Mo! You have a knack for finding the perfect quote for your challenge submissions. But, it just doesn't end there. Your supportive elements, for instance the ink and quill here, are always spot on. I enjoy both following you and having you following my blog. A good match! ;-)

  12. So many super details captured on both sides - you are the mistress of this work. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing these every fortnight. :D xo

  13. Love this i-card as much as the others, although I do like your traditional makes too! And well done for finding a quote, yet again with the 2 words...
    Enjoy your Christmas!

  14. Well done on completing the challenge, never would have thought of doing a digital entry it's because I like getting my hands messy hehe!!

  15. A beautiful thought, and a lovely ethereal quality to the collage. It's lovely - and bravo on completing the full set for the year with yet another quote managing to do the double!
    Alison xx

  16. great quote and another fab digi card. I keep meaning to look into digi art more but I think. I'm too afraid I'll ignore all my stamps and inks.

  17. Again well done on using both words! Great i card! Happy New Year xx

  18. Well done on finding a quote containing both words and creating another fabulous iCard to add to all the beautiful ones you've made during the challenge. Wishing you a happy new year.