Sunday, 1 September 2013

Memo Board

Challenges are not my usual thing but I wanted to be part of the 10th Anniversary celebrations over at the wonderful Paper Artsy web site. 

I love owning their products whether it is their stamps, which are always wonderful to use and I always enjoy playing with them; their Fresco Chalk Paints are easy to use and blend and their Grunge Paste is a thing of wonder as it is so easy to use and gives fantastic results.  Have also fallen in love with Treasure Gold gilding wax and need to use it on most of my projects, the best results for me are when it is applied sparingly so you get a glint of the colour but, there are times when you just need to use it all over.

Applied via Twitter to take part and received the following items through the post a few days later.  Please note that the Fresco Chalk Paints in this image are my own, I did not receive them as part of the package. As you can see there was a colour palette we had to follow, I chose these colours to start with, added Hey Pesto later as needed to colour the leaves.


Wanted to create something I could use so I took a look around and found this piece of old pine shelving I had in my back yard. Sanded it down using a hand held using an electronic sander, removed the dust and then ran an old tea bag over it.


Didn’t like the yellowing pine look, wanted it to look more oak coloured and then there it was, the beginning of my idea of a Memo Board.  Always wanted a place I could use magnets and write messages so decided to try and make a hybrid Board, the instructions are over on the Paper Artsy Blog, please follow the link to see my project.

Here are the rest of the images I took, wanted to document as well as I could.  Loved every minute of creating my board and now have something I can use instead of putting in a box.











Hope you like the Memo Board, thanks for dropping by Smile


  1. Love your Memo Board! I came across this as your entry in the Paper Artsy challenge. There were some really lovely ideas and techniques on display from all the entries. I liked yours for the sheer genius of making a magnetic blackboard - who'd of thought it! Really practical and full of gorgeous colours and design. Loved the little magnets on bows and your colour combinations you've used on the design squares higher up the board. And - you even made a little box for the chalk. Definitely a very well thought out project!!
    More please ....

    1. Thank You for your lovely feedback:-)

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  2. Lovely to see it in more detail here, what a great project, well done!

  3. Sorry it's taken me until now to visit your blog, I'm very behind. I love your memo board & it's great to see all the photos of the process..

  4. Hi there, Massofhair! Wow! That rhymes, sounds like the beginning of a song! Just made it to your blog! It's lovely! I loved your PA #3P muchly, it's useful, original and pretty! It's a treat to be able to see the step by steps here. I am now becoming a follower, so I'll try to comment whenever I can! Julie Ann x

    1. Thanks muchly, after i saw the wonderful DarcyW's chalkboard project i was concerned, have to admit!

      Comments are always appreciated.
      :-) x

  5. Hi there my friend :D This is wonderful, I love how you used the products and what a result, you clever 'ol thing, well done, hugs Gay x

    1. Hi Gay:-) Thanks so much. Have not been posting much and really appreciate you dropping by:-) xxx

    2. Hi there MOH, It's great to see you blogging again, looks like you've been having some fun!!
      I hope that you are well? All's good here :D xx

  6. Lovely work.
    Thanks for the comment you left. It was worth it!