Friday, 20 September 2013

Metallic Pan Pastels Part Two – Mixing With Other Mediums

Am really pleased i purchased the metallic Pan Pastels as they mix with so many different mediums.

Today’s experiment was using them with Paper Artsy Satin Glaze and Little Black Dress Fresco #paints.

In each instance i used one drop of Glaze and i drop of paint as wanted to see how the colours turned out without watering them down.

Metallic mixed 19 Sept 2013

Loving how they sparkle but this image doesn’t really do them justice. Took individual images and have had to play with them to try and get a decent representation, hope it has worked.

Gold PP mixed 19 Septt 2013

Pewter PP 19 Sept 2013

Bronze PP 19 mixed Sept 2013

Copper PP mixed 19 Sept 2013

Used a dry small flat headed paint brush to get the pastel from the pan and to mix it with either the glaze or paint.  Each time i washed and dried out the brush before using it again in the Pastel.  On the card it states that i used 3 strokes across the pan but i actually used 5 as three wasn’t quite enough.  These strokes were small and gentle so not to use too much of the Pastel.  They really do go a long way.

Decided to try using just the Copper Pan Pastel and mix it with some of the Fresco paint colours, used Eggplant, London bus and bora Bora.

Eggplant with Copper PP 19 Seot 2013

London Bus with Copper PP 19 Sept 2013

Bora Bora with Copper PP 19 Sept 2013

My favourite has to be the Eggplant Fresco as you can see how gorgeous the two colours mix. Chose these three colours  so you can see how each different colour reacts as one is Translucent, one is semi-opaque and one is opaque.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing how the Pan Pastel Metallics mix with just the Fresco paint range.

Would be great if you could leave a comment as i enjoy seeing who has dropped by and then i can visit youSmile


  1. My fave is the bronze with the black dress closely followed by the eggplant and copper so I need them two at least!!!

    Thanks for sharing your findings.

    Sam xxx

  2. Great to see how you did explore the new metallics with other mediums. We don't have them yet here but soon.......I love the Pan Pastels and like to work with them. Thanks for sharing, Miranda

    1. Hi Miranda
      Enjoyed playing with the Pan Pastels, hope you get them soon. thanks for the comment :-)