Sunday, 1 September 2013

Tyvek Panel

Recently joined a Yahoo Group where we experiment with new materials and techniques.  This is my first month of swaps with them. I made a 6x6 inch tyvek panel which is to be either a wall hanging or a front for a journal or bag.

I have worked with tyvek before a few years ago and below are the results. Shows the difference between a little application of a heat gun or going all out and shrinking it down as far as possible. When this happens the material turns into a thick bendy and textured embellishment.


The remit for the challenge was to create either a book of 4 pages or a 6x6 inch panel. Started off painting the tyvek with Paper Artsy Fresco Paints on both sides.



Used Hey Pesto, Holly and Inky Pool for the background colours. I bought a huge donna Downey stamp from The Cubby Hole in Crewe and stamped this with a Brilliance ink pad.



Like how the tree hides in the background but later after i have used a heat gun on the tyvek it sort of disappears.


Stampotique characters are favourite stamps of mine, used Dweeze and Linda as they do look good together. Used more Paper Artsy Fresco paints to colour them in.


Hope you like the overstuffed panel, have my fingers crossed the lady it is intended for does too.  The panel was sewn together using hand embroidered french knots, wanted to give the panel a different edging to blanket stitch.

You can see how the panel has changed by the texture it now has, it is still soft to the touch but i fear not a panel more a small pillow.

Used acrylic stuffing and a silver material backing. Here are a couple of macro shots.



Thanks for dropping by Smile


  1. I love Tyvek, I made a great headband with a huge bow last year all in tyvek lol your little padded piece is great.

  2. Wow. Love it every step of the way! Haven't used tyvek for such a long time. They used to make envelopes with it but I guess other products have replaced it. All I remember is was great with a little heat for softer crinkles. But if heated too much the little mangled ball wasn't good for much. Lol