Thursday, 13 November 2014

30 Of A Kind

Been keeping myself occupied making some Christmas cards. Wanted to keep the ones i make for OH’s work very simple, settled on a chalkboard style.

The stamps are from Paper Artsy’s new Christmas Hot Picks and JOFY’s 2013 Christmas release. My favourite snowflake stamp ever is in the JOFY set.


Took 3 pieces of black 300gsm card stock and dry brushed some white paint over them. Stamped the sentiment using a white Artiste ink pad. These ink pads are very juicy and great for this style.

Cut out the sentiment and adhered onto kraft card, these cards are 4 x 4 inches. Went round the outside of the black card with a white pen.


Stamped on the rear of the card using my favourite snowflake stamp and added some bling using diamond Stickles.


Used two different sentiments for the insides from the Hot Picks set, the Santa stamp and the happy holidays.


Made envelopes to go with the cards using the WRMK Envelope board, used a thick silk paper which has a little sheen to it.  Stamped the star border from the JOFY set of stamps and coloured them in using Staedtler pencils.

There are 30 of these cards, they look great stacked together but there is one thing missing, they need seals for the envelopes. Am making these from sticky back labels and my Sizzix circle die. They are not done yet as i need to rest my hands for a couple of days. Will update post when they are done.

Hope you have enjoyed your visit today and look forward to your comments.

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  1. These are fantastic! Did you say you made ... 30?! Wow! You busy bee! :) Wonderful! xx

  2. They look awesome.. wow--- 30 sets? boah!!!

  3. The chalkboard effect is spot on and I am impressed you did 30 of them with envelopes. Looks simple, but they are actually quite a few steps involved, for a mass production!

  4. Oooh wowser, 30, well done you xx

  5. Oh you poor thing Mo.....I made 11 cards and was exhausted from it all!! Beautifully made,classic styling

    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  6. What a quick worker! Love Kraft cards especially at Christmas and these are perfect...and they get extras on the back and homemade envelopes, lovely idea! Really like the chalkboard effect as well, haven't been sure before but looks great on your sample. Ruth xx

  7. Great, elegant cards! I love the choice of the chalkboard with the PA stamp and aren't Jofy's snowflakes just gorgeous? I have her mini and I've been using it so much! 30 is a great achievement because I've been working on cards myself and it takes so much more energy and time than people could possibly imagine. Well done, on really lovely cards which I'm sure will be much appreciated! xxx

  8. Wow, what a fun technique. I was impressed at how much the card looked like a chalkboard. And you put as much thought into the back as you do the front. If I sent 30 cards, I would pay a fortune.

    BTW, I believe many card makers in the UK seem to make square cards. They cost extra to send in the US. But I like the looks of them.

    I wanted to comment on your comment to me about the glue. If I am sticking the napkin to the substrate, which is usually paper of some kind, I place the glue on the paper, not the napkin.

    If I'm adding a napkin on top of a napkin, I start in the center of the loose napkin and work out. If I try it any other way, I get wrinkles and/or tears.

  9. Wow 30 of these little beauties, well done you MoH, I love the chalkboard style, and was interested to read about the white ink pad - I've still not found a white ink pad I'm truely happy with. I have the Stampin' Up one and it's so juicy that it gets everywhere. I will have to try out the Artiste one xx

  10. Holy cow, you made 30 of them! Wow! I love the chalkboard technique and this is a great sentiment for that! I'm sure your hubby's co-workers will be thrilled to get handmade cards, what a treat! hugs :)

  11. These cards look amazing their appeal is that they look so simple which I know takes great skill to achieve. I love the little snowflake on the back such a nice touch. The black and craft card look wonderful together. Love them xxx

  12. I love these cards, they are so appealing! I love the simplicity and the attention to detail. Great stamps ... more to add to my wishlist.

  13. Absolutely amazing cards! I love the chalkboard style and the way you made matching envelopes, too. I can't wait to see your seals, too! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog - I really loved your kind comments!

  14. I agree with Sharon! I LOVE love love the chalkboard effects and look and am SO impressed that you've made all those cards! You're so ahead of the game, I need to get busy. Thank you for this beautiful inspiration! xoox

  15. Wow! You made a great start on your Christmas cards with these beauties! xxx

  16. That's a really great chalkboard effect, and I love the dangly stars too. Sounds like you've been hard at it, but you must be feeling pretty pleased with the pile of cards stacking up!
    Alison xx

  17. Great card! Please come and do mine :)

  18. Thanks for the tips on the white ink pad. Wow and well done on making 30 of these super cards. Hugz