Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Sewing Machine Platform

My wonderful OH made me a platform to use under my sewing machine for when i go to workshops where the table height isn’t correct for me.

He used plywood for the top and bottom and dowling for the spacers.


The pieces were sanded down.


Covered with Fresco Snowflake and then a tad of Little Black Dress was added to a purple paint.


Too dark but the right colour for the bedroom wall at OH’s.


Covered again using DecoArt Chalk paint in white.


Lost the plot when i got to this point,the paints i used were DecoArt Media Line and their Crackle Paint over the top. These sides are the inner of the platform which won’t be seen.


The top and bottom of the platform that will be seen, this is before OH used counter sunk screws to attach it all together.


Top of the plinth after it has been sanded and stamped, Spectrum Noir Pencils were used to colour the flowers and Chalk pens to colour the Christy Tomlinson figure.

Added the name Dilys to the platform, this is because i have nicknamed my sewing machine Dilys after it’s model number DS140.


Side view, it is 2.5 inches tall and has been tailored to fit the footprint of the machine.


Glued onto the base a piece of heavy duty heatproof felting, adds a little more grip than a wood base.


Dilys on her platform.

Used it recently when attending a Creative Threads Workshop in Garstang, worked perfectly and no bad back afterwards.

Hope you like my new platform, it is making my sewing life much easier. HUGE thanks to my lovely OH for making this for me.

Thanks for dropping by.



Apologies if you have recently noticed that there are a lot of images missing from some of my older blogs posts, seems Blogger has deleted them and i have no way of adding them back into the posts. Sorry for the inconvenience.



  1. Well done OH! It's lovely when they are helpful isn't it it Mo?! Glad you find it's helping your back....look forward to seeing what you have been making then ūüėä

    Big hugs

    Donna xxx

  2. A neat idea and useful OH. You should probably keep him! Great idea to decorate. Love the image, I have that one too, must look it out! Xx

  3. That is so brilliant, I think it is great when our ohs help with our interests. What a star!

    Lucy x

  4. Oooh fabulous idea, well done hubby xxx

  5. Your OH is a clever old ( not so old) thing lol. Great idea excellently constructed and beautifully decorated. Xxx

  6. What a great solution to the back problem! Looks great! Clever hubby and creative you! xx

  7. Looks like he's come up trumps for you, great solution.
    Amanda x

  8. How wonderful to have a handy OH. I have an OH, but not very handy, lol. I love the decoration you added onto the platform; very crafty. I'd have prob left it bare, lol :o))

  9. Well done OH! What a fantastic idea and you decorated it brilliantly! hugs :)

  10. If any problem could be solved that easy (:o) I still have no clue about the music in my video. I have an idea how you can get it, but you need to contact me via email. Hugs Elly

  11. What a clever fella! It's beautifully decorated too! :-) xxx

  12. Adorei a ideia é muito bom resolvermos nossos problemas assim com criatividade e nosso toque pessoal, com certeza servirá de inspiração para outras pessoas que também encontram a mesma dificuldades.
    Agradeço por compartilhar.
    Desejo-lhe dias lindos e inspiradores.

  13. I have one of those mouse sanders. They are the handiest things for small sanding jobs. Nicely done on both the construction AND the paint and decorations.

  14. brilliant make very very clever. Dee x

  15. very cool! you did a great job on this.

  16. Oh Mo its so pretty. I love it. What a wonderful hubby and so glad it has helped your back pain. I think I will have to show my hubby and I think he would love to make one for me too. Beautiful and useful. Perfect combination.


  17. What a brilliant idea and well done OH for making it!
    I may have to think of this when I next get my sewing machine out for my quilt .... when I get time!