Thursday, 1 May 2014

UK Art Swap April 2014

I signed up to make a Gelli plate card, seeing as i had not yet taken out my  plate this was going to be exciting!


Started off with Fresco Paints Lake Wanaka, Eggplant and Bora Bora. Splodged them onto plate and then brayered the colours over. Added some shapes and die cuts, the above image shows the first print.


The card above was the second print off the plate.


Above image was the third print off the plate, i added some water to remove the last of the paints.


Ran the A4 print through an A4 embossing folder from Diesire called Paisley, rubbed gently over the top of the design to remove some of the paint.


Found an X-cut A4 embossing folder that made a card back and front, ran some Centura Pearl card through, you can see the design you get from the above and below images.


Cut up the Gelli print so could get two panels to fit both the back and the front of the card. Went round the edges with a gold Posca Pen and mounted onto Kraft card, did the same again. Adhered to the card then added some Treasure Gold to the frame and the panel.

The frames are beautiful and ornate, can see them being cut out to use on other projects but i am struggling to make this into a card by adding an inner and verse. Need to play  more with the folder and see if i can get over the initial why did i bother feeling…

Sending my swap and hoping that the lady who receives it, Adrienne, can use it as a card or something other.

Thanks for dropping by, looking forward to your comments.



  1. Wow they came out lovely xx

  2. I think that they are fabulous, just because you made them doesn't mean they're not good. We all feel like that about our own work sometimes. Bit like visiting someone's house and then looking at your own. Sure that the the swap will be delighted!! Xx

  3. Loving your gorgeous prints, Annette x

  4. Such beautiful peojects!!
    For the FREE Workshop, just add yourself by commenting on ther page. Then, whenever you create something post a link in the comments area. The inLinkz website has changed and I cannot update my templates. I'm sorry. Cannot wait to see your creations!! :)

  5. Yum - scrumptious Gelli print, and I loved seeing all the layers on the way. Brilliant final card too!
    Alison x

  6. Love your prints lovely, the colours are really great. The cards come together brilliant and I'm sure Adrienne will love hers. Xxx

  7. gorgeous work - I just love gelli plate work xx

  8. This is beautiful. I don't have a gelli plate, but you've made me wonder about purchasing one again. It is such a shame that you are so critical of your own work because what you create is individual and truly lovely! I know it's easy to say, but Believe in Yourself! xxx

  9. Gorgeous colour work MOH I love the embossed texture and your blues are heavenly :D xx

  10. Gorgeous look decadent and graceful :) x :

  11. Hi Mass! Love the textures of the first few cards. what is a gelli print!? I feel silly asking, but what the hey!

  12. Don't be so hard on yourself! It looks fabulous! Love your prints too! Keep playing, the Gelli plate is so much fun.
    Alison xxx