Saturday, 8 February 2014

Craft Barn Challenge Q&L Week 2 Silence or Dazzle

Over at the Craft Barn the words chosen for week 2 of their Quotes and Lyrics Challenge are Silence or Dazzle.
It wasn’t easy for me to find something that had both words as i have been unwell and not spent too much time researching. However, i found an amazing person called Christopher Poindexter who calls himself an up and coming Poet. After reading a LOT of his poems i chose this one.
“I read her eyes like
paragraphs and her tears
like chapters
for she didn’t have much to
say with words, but rather,

And never let them tell you
that silence isn’t beautiful.
For silence is what happens
when words fall asleep and
you must carry the belief
that one day they will rise
up inside of you.
Christopher Poindexter.

Found it difficult to put this into context until i found some stamps that i have had for a long time, then it all started coming together, so i thought.
Used an index sized card,stamped the Lady's face from La Blanche with Cornflower Blue Archival Ink and then got stuck. I pondered what to do and decided to add a pop of colour and my own handwriting onto a pocket card. Used one of my own designs and cut to size once all the words had been added.
Went round the edges of the iCard with a white Posca Pen to add interest as it was looking quite flat and boring.
Still not quite right so added some stencilling and Pan Pastels. Used the stencil mini script from TCW over the top of the face, used Versamark Pad and then added the Turquoise Shade Pan Pastel over the top, sealed the iCard then applied Ultramarine Blue over the top. Used a circle stencil to remove some of the colour around the head of the Lady, sealed the card again,then added Silver pan pastel over the top.
I had written the Poem out onto a scrap piece of paper so i could practice writing it out, have used this to cover the reverse of the card.
First of all i used old book pages to cover most of the reverse of the card, then i cut the Poem into blocks of writing and adhered them. Used the same two stencils as on the front,the same techniques and colours of Pan Pastel so it all tied in. Used the white Posca Pen to outline the word silence and a few other choice words that stood out to me.
Can you tell i really love the combination of Turquoise Shade, Ultramarine Blue and Silver pan Pastels lol.
I hope you enjoy the Poetry of Christopher Poindexter, without this Challenge i would never have found him so i am grateful that i am being pushed out of my comfort zone and finding new Words that resonate with my heart.
Hope you like the iCard, looking forward to your reading your comments.


  1. Great quote and a really interesting interpretation, love that you have used your scrap paper as part of the design, it works really well. MMx

  2. What a great process to get to the final piece which excellent. The colours set the mood and the words the stage, together they present a beautiful piece of prose.

    The poem is a great find and you have presented it magnificently. Well done.

    Off to read some of his poetry now thank you foe sharing xxxxx

  3. Very creative! Love how you used the Pan Pastels in layers.

  4. That's really nice & such a beautiful poem.

  5. Visiting from The Craft Barn - so beautifully done. Lovely quote :o)

  6. That's such a beautiful poem! Lovely work....those colours are divine!
    Alison xxx