Friday, 17 April 2015

Art It Friday

The lovely Kim Dellow is asking us to join her for some Friday face drawing/painting, here is what Kim has to say:

Do you fancy joining in on this portraiture journey?
It can be any type of face, realistic, stylised, whimsical and you can use any materials you like, pencil, paint, pastels etc., just as long as it is your own work, i.e not a commercially available stencil or stamp.
Are you up to for it? I do hopes so! Let's have some face fun! Meet you here next Friday for some more.

My sketching is not good, i am trying to learn about placement and dimensions so each time i draw a face it is always a surprise how it turns out.

My favourite way of making them look good is to use an App called Pixlr-o-matic on my phone. So many possibilities and i always think my sketching's look so much better afterwards. Just found out i can also use this via chrome and as a download onto a laptop or computer, how exciting. you can tell what i will be doing after this blog post can’t you!

I am a tad scared at showing my faces so i hope you will be gentle with me and remember i am a complete beginner…

2015-01-07 09.17.55_Tom_Fyra 1

This particular sketch was done with a 2B Pencil, i didn’t like how her eyes or mouth looked so added the crosses.

The frame was added via Pixlr.

2015-03-30 01.10.29_Antonio_Mystic_Zafina 1

In a completely different style is this scary woman, added writing around her face and body but i can’t remember what i have written lol.  Again the frame was added via Pixlr.

This is one of the first sketches i used coloured pencils on, a set of Staedtler Ergosoft from Tesco.

These are not my first attempts will take pictures of them so i can share another time.

I do hope you can find the time to come and play along, i am hopeful you must have some sketches/drawings/paintings somewhere that you would like to share.

I apologise to all those of my lovely Followers who can draw, please be gentle…

Thanks for dropping by, looking forward to your lovely comments.

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. They are fabulous! Both are wonderful and you should not be so hard on yourself! I adore 'scary woman' There is something about her that makes me want to know more about her! I love the way the writing has turned out.
    I'm so glad you linked up, so thank you and thank you for the shout out too! Let's see if we can get more face-obsessed people joining in! :) Kx

  2. You sound just like me! Lol, Except - you're faces are waaay better than my first attempts last September, remember when I joined in 29 Faces? Some of them were hideous!, lol, but I know I got better with practice. Haven't done any more since mind you, lol. I really like what you've done here Mo. And that's being honest, so don't be so harsh on yourself, and - carry on!! :o)) xox

  3. Ooh that little critic in your head has been hard at work. Your faces are great. They have expression and life. I love the the pencil one which looks sad and reminds me of Liza Minnelli. The coloured one is fantastic bit scary looking but would make a fabulous stamp love them both xxx

  4. I can't draw at all so respect!!
    Amanda x

  5. I don't draw well either but I think your scary lady is brilliant and I love how you have done the hair on the first one. Kim is right, you are being a little hard on yourself! Hugs, Anne xx

  6. I love your drawings, your scary lady reminds me of Tim Burtons movies, and his stuff is soooo cool!!
    Georgie xx

  7. I think you did a great job, Mo. The second one had me laughing at her facial expression. Nice frame, too. I can't draw anything, so I am in awe of what you created.

  8. Faces are so daunting... You're very brave and your girl is lovely. The scary woman is... well scary, she looks like a cross headteacher!

  9. I have tried drawing apps, but they are not for me. :) I still like using pencil and ink. That face is really wicked! :)

  10. Both is fab.. don't be to critical on yourself.. I draw a bit since nearly one year and I think the more we do it the better it gets. Some peaople are much more talented than I am but I doen't mind that .. I want to have fun and it makes me happy if I can create somethin that is unique...
    that's the point!

    More Mo... it is worth to spend our time on it!

  11. Ooh think I'll join up...more drawing the better!
    There's nothing wrong with her Mo,she has expression which is the main've brought a little character to life via your pencil and how fab is that?!
    Keep on drawing it's good for you ;)
    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  12. These are wonderful Mo, I think you did a fabulous job!! I would never be able to do anything fancier than a game of hangman, HAHA! I'm super impressed and I hope you keep at it, natural talent is rare and you have it in spades my friend! hugs :)

  13. You did a great job! Your faces have wonderful expression!

  14. See? All of the above agree - as do I. You've being much too hard on yourself, dear. Keep it up and have FUN! :-)
    I thionk it's great that you're trying to learn a new thing, about placement and dimensions of a face. The scary woman is indeed scary, so you nailed that one! Love the writing you did around her, no matter what it says :)

  15. Looks great to me, I wouldn't even attempt it,I know I can't draw and I have no intentions to either - lol xxx Well done for giving it a go and playing along x

  16. Well done, Mo! I've been reading the other comments, which are so interesting! I especially like what Susi says about a face we draw being unique. This is so true! I think your scary woman is so full of life and individuality. I wish more people would have a go at drawing because it is so satisfying and wonderful for self-expression. I might have a go at joining in Kim's challenge now! xx

  17. Well done Mo for joining in, I think these are great, they have so much expression, and your scary one is really scary! I cannot draw at all, and keep meaning to give it a go. There are so many formula's etc available now so I really should try xx

  18. Love her! She does look as though she could cause a bit of mischief! Chrisx

  19. Hi Mass! Your pic reminds me of Tim Burtons work! Great stuff. If you don't want scary ladies though, just don't draw a complete circle for the iris. Let the top lid cover some of it. Imagine a squashed ping pong ball! Look forward to seeing more. Xxx

  20. Oh, I especially love your scary face (but of course I would, right?). Kudos to you for putting them out there. My drawing skills are pretty pathetic.

    BTW, you may want to pitter patter over to Rubber Dance blog today... :)

  21. Hey Mo :D Check out Rubber Dance blog - you're a winner!! Whoop!! :D :D xx

  22. Flippin love it!!! Faces are SO scary, they seem to be so easy to get very wrong! Big gold star to you lovely xxx

  23. So glad you are embracing the face drawing Mo! I'm giving it a try too - I love drawing faces but need to do more to improve I think :) Your second face is so scary! Love the first one, she's kinda cutesy but the crosses make her look like she's from some kinda scary movie lol! Claire xx

  24. They're fabulous Mo! I must have missed this post, sorry. But make sure you keep at it - I know that you will get better with more practice and hopefully start to believe in yourself too. Well done hun xx

  25. Wow - you've captured something really haunting in your faces - "scary" is right for that second one - a really effective glare coming from those amazing eyes.
    Alison xx