Thursday, 30 April 2015

DecoArt Ink Effects

Found time to play with DecoArt Ink Effects this week, i struggled to find the Base Coat that i needed to add to the 100% cotton dust sheet i was trialling. I recently  got my hands on a couple of bottles and started to experiment.


For the first experiment i printed out three heart shapes onto 80 gsm copier paper from Vera Lane Studio and painted the Red Ink Effect over the top. Left this to dry for 45 minutes.


Meanwhile i cut out a small piece of 100% cotton dust sheet from the mahoosive packet i bought from Aldi in February and lightly sprayed it with the Base Coat.


Next set up the iron, (no steam just a dry iron) to a cotton setting, when everything is dry and the ink has had time to react place the heart face down so the red side is facing the cotton.

Put a piece of copy paper over the top of the design and iron for 30 seconds moving the iron slowly and constantly, when done remove the paper slowly to see your design. Your design can be used many times.

As you can see in the above image i managed to use the red heart 5 times before it lost all of it’s colour. You can get three good images before it starts to fade dependant on the type of fabric you use.

I am keeping the paper hearts as i can use them on another project, the ink doesn’t disappear it stays quite vibrant as you can see from the picture.


Next up i wanted to make some dots to decorate a fabric bin for my Expedit storage.


Followed the same steps as before but this time i used the transfers three times to get this lovely dot pattern across the top of the fabric covered bin. You can see how buckled the material has become after i ironed for the 30 seconds, i think my iron might have been a tad hot. After 24 hours the material has flattened a little but not completely.


Macro of the first transfer colours.


The Aldi 100% cotton dust sheet, treated with the base spray and the dots after just one transfer. The texture of the dust sheet gives a ghostly impression…

Here is a You Tube video from DecoArt showing how to use Ink Effects with a freehand drawn image.

You can use these inks through a stencil, you can draw free hand designs and fill them in with the colours of your choice.

A quick recap; Use 80 gsm copy paper to draw your design, then paint it with the Ink Effects inks. When dry turn over and iron onto your fabric. When the ink has transferred peel back the copy paper very slowly to reveal your design.

This technique is easier than it looks, the video explains it all very well, hope you get the time to watch it!

Any questions please leave them in the comments below and i will try to answer them for you.

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  1. Sorry Mo, tried to keep up but lost me! Doesn't take much! Never heard of these inks but will investigate! X

  2. I've had some of these for a while Mo and the spray and haven't got around to using them until maybe now. Thanks for the inspiration.
    I got mine to do T shirts
    Amanda x

    1. Me too Amanda, wanted to test them out first to see how easy they are to use. Looking forward to using them some more and to seeing how you use yours too :-) x

  3. Ooh wow thanks for the tutorial link, I'm definitely gonna check this out xx

  4. Excellent decor ideas Mo. I like the dots on the bin. Looking forward to seeing more of what you can do with these :o)

  5. My goodness you are inventive and what a good idea using a dust sheet. Brilliant... x

  6. Never heard of these....something new to check out! Loving all your experiments're my go to lady for new ideas :)
    Have a fab weekend
    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  7. These products are completely new to me but they look amazing! I will definitely be checking to see if my art store carries them! Thanks for the inspiration Mo. hugs :)

  8. All kinds of newness here! It's the first time I heard of the art product and the first time I heard of using a dust sheet! I love how you are always so experimental and will give things a go. I love these hearts. Thanks again for the inspiration to get out there and give new things a try! xxx

  9. Love, love the dots on the bin, they look fabulous. Thanks for sharing another great experiment with us Mo, you are such an inspiration! These inks just have to go on my very, very long wish list now! Hugs, Anne xx

  10. Not tried any yet, great experiments xx Fab to have a play and get some good results isn't it xx

  11. Dust sheets will never be the same again! xxx

  12. You are such a bad influence on me! I love what you are now doing with fabric. I used to do a lot of silk painting but it's a bit too much for my hands now as you need to be firm and slow and I struggle with it. I would never have thought to buy a dust sheet and play! Now I'm wondering if those old silk paints are still usable lol, and I want to get the paints and some fabric out.
    You're brilliant at trying many different things, I'm too nervous to push it so far normally so I must learn to be braver and experiment more Karen