Sunday, 26 April 2015

MMW Challenge 2 - Bright colours

Over at Mixed Media World our challenge is all about Bright Colours. The theme was chosen by our very talented Amanda.

I attended an Anne Brooke workshop over at Creative Threads in March where we learnt how to make a wall hanging by printing, collaging then stitching. It was great fun, here is my nearly finished piece.


I need to add a few beads to the houses and then it’s ready for the wall.

For our challenge i decided to try my hand at a larger version using bright colours.

My bright colours might not be bright to you, but they are to me, i have Fibromyalgia and Hypersensitivity so colours, sounds, aromas and more are all heightened. I do hope you find my project bright enough.

I downloaded a few vintage papers from our sponsor for this months challenge, The Old Design Shop

Free Vintage Images

Used a technique that i have wanted to try for ages by Andy Skinner. Here is the link to a previous post showing how i made the papers i am using for this project.

All the Media paints, Liquid Glass, Weathered Wood Crackle and the Matt Decou-Page Glue and more are from DecoArt. The stamps and stencils are all by Andy Skinner.

Used a Brother DS140 sewing machine, cotton and washi tape from stash.




Tear up the papers and adhere them with a glue stick to a piece of blank newsprint paper ( i did not use Tesco paper this is to show you it is easily available). Choose the length of newsprint you want your wall hanging to be and collage as you go along adding the colours and patterns as you wish. Don’t add too much glue it is just to hold the pieces in place until you sew them down. My wall hanging measures 24 inches long by 7.5 inches wide.


I like to save tea bags to craft/sew onto, when dry cut them open and remove the leaves, you can get some wonderful patterns to play with. Round tea bags have been coloured using three of the transparent colours from DecoArt and then dry brushed with my favourite Quinacridone violet.





When complete add a little stamping and stencilling. Your fibres, fabrics, metallic strips and more can be added once your piece has been sewn. You can add some before you sew your hanging just make sure that your project is still thin enough to put through a sewing machine. Add stitching over the top of your paper edges to keep them in place.

I have used a combination of the stitches i have on my machine and a little free hand embroidery. I like to use a combination of cotton and embroidery thread, this adds a lot to the final colour and design.


Dolloped a small amount of DecoArt Modelling paste and added some Suze Weinberg Bedazzles called Macarena and Personal Impressions Gold Sparkle embossing powder. When dry i heated it and the gold looked amazing but i went over the top using the Metallic Lustres as i liked the shine much more.


Used a piece of stencil waste to add the bottom layer of dots to the tea bag and used DecoArt Chalky Paint called Treasure to add a layer of smaller dots over the top using the DecoArt Kaleidoscope stencil then coloured them using the wonderful Metallic Lustres.


Wanted some dimension so added DecoArt Liquid Glass, can you see how wonderfully it domed and left such fantastic dimension! First time i have used this and i would recommend it as it keeps the dimension and is crystal clear.


Cut and embossed a few of the words from a Spellbinders die, used the Quinacridone violet to paint them through the die, removed them and don’t they look fab.


So, here is the final and completed wall hanging, i sprayed and flicked some of the paint from the yellow DecoArt Mister as OH said it needed a little more bright.

I hope this post has inspired you to get creative and come and join in with our Brights challenge, you could win 3 images of your choice from the Old Design Shop on Etsy.



I made two smaller wall hangings in the same way, i used them as my tester panels so i could try out techniques before adding them to my larger hanging. Do you use tester pieces before adding to a larger piece? This was my first time and i would do this again, it gave me more confidence as i knew i wasn’t going to make any mistakes on the larger piece.

Looking forward to your lovely comments, thanks for dropping by.

Would like to say ‘Hello’ to my new Followers, thank you for joining me on my crafting journey.



  1. Wow! This is a real mixed media piece of art. Mr Skinner is always suggesting to use tester but i normaly don't as i'm mostly creating *from my gut* Hugs Elly

  2. Wowzers Mo, these are all so wonderful!! What a good idea to do test pieces. I think I would too if I did anything like this. It's a bit like making a rough copy of a story before using ones best handwriting on the good paper, lol.
    Hope you've had a good weekend. It's finishing here with a heavy fall of snow!! YiKeS! Thought we were in Spring good n proper, but Mother Nature likes to fool us. Glad I didn't turn the heating off yet. :o) xox

    1. Thank you for your comment on my Anti Journal post; both pages were fun to do.
      I will post photos of the butterflies as things progress, but I think nothing more will happen now for about a week. Maybe longer if it stays cold :o) xox

  3. Lovely Mo! Really like the DecoArt liquid glass - it looks great and also how you created those violet words from a die,very effective! From the sound of your post you seem to have really enjoyed creating the hangings too Xx

  4. They are so gorgeous.. really wonderful MIXED MEDIA Mo!
    just FANTASTIC!

  5. Mo this is brilliant, so much detail. Love it
    Amanda x

  6. Ooh this is fab Mo and yes it is bright enough! Love the way you are always experimenting and showing us the results,very inspiring ;)
    Big teamie hugs
    Donna xxx

  7. I don't normally do testers but it is such great advice, I might just do that! Your hanging is superb (I love how you added one of the Crazy Birds near the top) and I loved seeing how it all came together - your descriptions are superb. The stitching and the liquid glass are lovely touches! A truly beautiful piece of art! Hugs, Anne xx

  8. This is bright enough for me dearie! I think the colors just pop! What a wonderful wall hanging and so many yummy details. This is fabulous! ~Niki

  9. ooh I'm just drooling over your close ups Mo, please do bigger photos, I just want to see more :) It has such a bohemian collage feel to it, that I'm just so drawn to it! Great job with this hun xx

  10. These are all just marvelous, Mo! And, yes, bright enough for me, too! In fact, I love your colors! Your mixed media pieces are wonderful!

  11. I love the colours! They are bright enough for me - gorgeous in fact. I really love how you used the round tea bags and all that texture is fab! Lovely hanging. xxx

  12. Oh Mo, I'm in LOVE. This is the type of piece I want to make once I am in better shape and get a new needle.

    I apologize for not being here sooner, but I stayed with friend who live in the country and don't have a computer. It was enjoyable, but after awhile, I felt a bit isolated.

  13. Wow, fabulous work - I love the colours, vivid and gorgous but not too bright - just perfect! I love seeing all about your techniques, thanks so much for sharing.

  14. Wow Mo, so much work and TLC went into these, how fabulous!! I just love how you combine different colours and textures together and they always work so perfectly!! Awesome hangings! hugs :)

  15. Mo this is absolutely amazing! All these gorgeous little details, and I love that you work with tea bags (the modeling paste is one of my favourites too) I can't imagine being sensitive to colours 'cos I'm the opposite, if colours aren't really bright I can't pick out one from the other . I hope your hanging has pride of place somewhere xx

  16. Wow, stunning projects! Thank you for showing how you work, its' very creative and inspirational, love the fact that you use tea bags :)

    Love and hugs

  17. MOH, these are fabulous!! I love the stitching and embossing-yum-no over the top here-I am all about the glitter and shine myself! Really cool techniques you used and the addition of the teabags really grounds these pieces.thanks so much for sharing! ")

  18. These are gorgeous pieces of collage art! xxx

  19. These are gorgeous. They must have taken ages with all the details in them. Lovely. x

  20. Such a creative mixed media piece! Love the look of all these layers and the liquid glass looks fantastic. I often do test pieces or rather draft versions of my makes to iron out technical or design issues, such as selecting the right type and colour of ink, paint, paper etc... When I do my projects turn out better!

  21. Love all your wall hangings, brilliant techniques and beautiful results Mo....So much to catch up on! Ruth x