Friday, 24 April 2015

Art It Friday

The lovely Kim Dellow started Art It Friday last week on Friday April 17th. If you pop over and read her post you will see that Kim has been bitten by the drawing faces bug and she wants us to share our faces with her.

For my contribution this week i am going back to when i first started drawing so brace yourselves lol. I decided to start a drawing journal in February 2013, it was a struggle and these are the first few pages that i drew.


Made notes on what needed to be addressed, perspective was all wrong and so was shading.


Had a play drawing eyes, such a bad start and made me realise what an uphill struggle this was going to be lol.


The girl had eyes that didn’t match, her nose was too small and her hair is a mess as i wrote in my journal.

I didn’t start drawing again for quite a long time until June 2014.


Combined some Joanne Fink Zenspiration doodles, added words and then the Fairy.













All of the above faces were drawn during 2014. You can see most of them are hit and miss, there is always something that doesn’t work; the perspective is all wrong or they are not smiling but i did try to see if i have a style.

Next Friday i will share a couple of my faces from 2015, i do hope you have enjoyed seeing some funny faces and i really do hope i can get better during this next year.

Thanks for dropping by and i look forward to your lovely comments.



  1. Ooh- the evolution of your faces! Love how you're changing and my fave is the girl with the flowers in her hair! Looking forward to seeing what you create! x

  2. They are fabulous Mo! I love your experimenting with different styles and it is going to be such fun seeing how your style changes over time. Thanks so much for the link up and shout out, you are a superstar, as I said :) Kx

  3. Hit and miss?? I say mostly HIT! I can barely draw a game of hangman, not everyone has the talent for this...but apparently you do! Keep at it Mo, you will find your groove! hugs :)

  4. Each face has its own charm and style! Your faces are really evolving! Were I to do this, I think mine would look all the same, LOL!

  5. I love the eclectic nature of all your faces. None of US are the same so why should your drawings of faces? I loved having a go last September (29 Faces) but haven't done much since, but since you last showed us a face I went back to my face book and oh, boy, what a difference there is not keeping up the practice - basically back to square one. However, seeing as I'm not 'into' faces at the moment, concentrating on doodles and my anti journal, I'm not overly fussed, but I know I will go back to it some time, because I really enjoyed the trying and experimentation.
    Looking forward to seeing your 2015 faces.
    Have a great weekend :o)) xox

  6. I know exactly how this one feels, lol, I'm drawing faces because of a book I won at Unruly and I am loving it.
    You are incredibly brave sharing these Mo and I can where you have improved. I may be brave enough one day to share my recent sketching but I may not be either.
    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog, as awful as it sounds it's nice to hear that someone else who has fibro is struggling with the same problem. I sometimes worry that this is all in my head and the problems are my own and of my own making. So thank you so much Mo - your support means a lot hun. Sending you a huge gentle hug hun, I'm really hoping to get more than a couple of hours soon - I keep dozing off on the sofa but not falling deeply asleep during the day. Hopefully we'll both get some rest soon Karen xx

  7. Each of this faces is charming in it's own way and it is just practicing ... we know it , doesn't we?
    Looking forward to the one's from 2014--- I am sure you learned much by doing them...
    for me sketching is always so boring because I am just a color freak ...and don't like just to draw with pencils.

  8. Well, I for one love your faces, they have real character!! Can't wait now to see the ones you are doing this year. Wished I had more time for drawing.... this sounds like a fun challenge!

    Mo can you email me re those file folders:

  9. Great faces, you should try the technique from Dina Wakley for colouring a faces. You can go super crazy!! I'm going to attempt this soon, just need the time. My fave of yours is the coloured one, fifth up from the bottom, but they're all great and show how wonderful your journey is :) x

  10. I think you have made some wonderful progress with your faces and I am super impressed that you kept at it and I am really, really looking forward to seeing how you have progressed since! I love the third one from the end of your drawings, it is so beautiful... Hugs, Anne xx

  11. You should be proud of these Mo,I love all of them because they have character and are not bland. Can't wait to see the ones from this year ;)
    Have a great weekend
    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  12. What a lovely set of portraits. I find them challenging but fun to do. Thanks for stopping by.

  13. I love that these not only show you are exploring your talent but also that you are developing an unique style and that's worth more than simply drawing pretty.

  14. You can really see an individual style in these, Mo. I like the one with the flowers too. It's great that you go back and keep drawing because that's the way the self-expression comes and develops. I really wanted to link up today, but life got in the way unfortunately. I am sad about this because Kim's idea is a brilliant one and I would love to play each week. I'll try, if I can to link up on Monday - or before, if time allows. xxx

  15. Drawing takes practice, lots of it! Which is why I'm not doing faces... I can see you're improving but you needn't get the perspective right all the time if you want to create more "fantasy" faces rather than portraits. I'm looking forward to your next instalment!

  16. Great to see how your face drawing has evolved, looking forward to seeing your latest.
    Missed so much lately due to stupid virus, perhaps you could put a follow by email button on your blog so us non blogger peeps can keep up :-) xxx

  17. I'm so glad you shared your drawing journal pages with us - I know exactly how scary it feels! As you can imagine I love the meadow grasses, and my favourite of the faces is the fabulous meadow dryad/naiad with her flowery hair - glorious. There's so much character and life and imaginative energy in the faces - just fab!
    Alison xx

  18. Mo, this is an amazing progression of work, not from bad to good, but simply an evolution. My most favorite is not your last, but the beauty with no eyes. By not seeing, she says a lot, I think! Do you know how many faces I have drawn in my 71 years? None! Not one. But, you have, at least, inspired me to try. Kim's new site should be a fun site to follow!

  19. They are amazing, there's nothing wrong with them, it was very inspiring to see the evolution, they don't need to smile :)

    Love and hugs

  20. I like them they have great character

  21. These are really fab Mo. As everyone has said they all have such character. If you enjoy drawing them then it's job done anyway xx

  22. What a brilliant idea to start a drawing journal and I love that you've added notes. I love looking back at old projects and its really nice to see the improvement over time. Keep it up. x