Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Playing with Deli Paper

Wondered into Lakeland and found some Double Sided Wax Paper which i thought needed some exploring. I made sure that i could return the roll if it didn’t work for me and was guided to their returns policy which said yes.

I have some of AFTH Deli Paper both waxed and unwaxed and have done small test pieces to see which one i like best.

Today i printed some images from my inkjet printer that Andy Skinner has as a free download on his site. Daniel Craig and the tree with birds.


For Daniel Craig used both the AFTH and Lakeland waxed. Was a tad apprehensive about putting the deli paper through the printer but as soon as i had added the tape at both ends and tried that it worked i was off!

Painted a thin piece of balsa wood with Everlasting DecoArt Chalk Paint. Made sure it was dry before transferring the inkjet image using the Lakeland paper. Also added a couple of the hearts from a digital download from Vera Lane printed onto the unwaxed AFTH paper.


The tree image printed onto Lakeland paper and then transferred onto a piece of Aldi 100% cotton dust sheet.


Painted another piece of balsa wood with Everlasting, Romance, Legacy and New Life DecoArt Chalky paints. Used a wet wipe to blend the colours and then transferred the image using the AFTH waxed paper.


The panel in close up, you can see i also added one of the Vera Lane transfers over the top of the trees.

Like all the waxed papers but i will use the Lakeland as it is cheaper and easier to store.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit today. If you have any questions please leave them in a comment below.

Thanks for dropping by.


Update 30 April 2015:  So sorry i forgot to tell you how i did the transfer.

I rubbed the printed side of the deli paper onto each of the different surfaces using an old credit card.

You need to remember to flip the image if it is text or an image you want in a particular place so that you print off a reverse image.

When putting the deli paper through the printer i used 80 gsm copier paper as a carrier sheet. I cut the deli paper slightly smaller than the A4 sheet and used tape at each end to keep it in place.

You can use smaller sheets than A4 on the copier paper just remember to tape all the edges down so the deli paper doesn’t get stuck in your printer and line up your printer image accordingly.

My inkjet printer is a Canon MG7550.

Be careful handling the deli paper as the prints are quite wet when they come out of the printer and can smudge easily. This is how they should be and this makes it easy to transfer the images onto other surfaces.

Hope this has clarified the process for you, any questions please leave them in a comment.



  1. Deli paper in the printer?!? Brilliant! I HAVE to try that - hopefully with results as beautiful as yours ;) xo

    1. Kristin put the deli paper onto copy paper, slightly smaller than the copy paper, tape at both ends then put through your printer. Copier paper acts like a carrier sheet.

      If you put just the deli paper alone through your printer it will get stuck!

      :-) xxx

  2. Brilliant tips Mo, got to try this x

  3. Excellent ideas and I REALLY like the balsa with the tree.
    How did you transfer to the other bases Mo? I've seen it done with glue, let it dry, dampen with water then rub the top layer off, but yours don't look like that. Have a great day {{Hugs}} x

  4. Looks fab Mo, how have you done the transfer?
    Amanda x

  5. Love them - not tried this before - did you iron the transfer? so intrigued Thanks for sharing :) x

  6. I saw some waxed paper in a craft shop yesterday and I have to admit to wondering what on earth it was doing in there, now I know!!
    This is beautiful Mo :) xx

  7. This is really fascinating! Love the effects you got! I have some waxed paper so guess what I'm going to be doing? Hugs, Chrisx

  8. Interesting Mo,I've only used my waxed paper on my Gelli plate but now must try this! Loving all your ideas're on a roll ;)
    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  9. What a lovely finished piece-thanks so much for sharing! xx

  10. I have always had waxed paper in my studio, but never used it. A couple of times, I considered moving it back to the kitchen! Ha! Now, I have a reason to keep it in its place and use it. This will be a fun project, Mo! You balsa piece is gorgeous!

  11. I love visiting your blog, I always learn something new! Thanks so much for the review on the different papers, it is very useful and I really must try this! Love the balsa wood piece, it is so beautiful! Hugs, Anne xx

  12. <great Mo! Thanks a lot for sharing with us!

  13. Brilliant idea mo and love the finished result!

    Lucy x

  14. Fantastic review and I love the results too, so informative. Love it. Tracy x

  15. Another brilliant post with lots of instruction and ideas. x

  16. Gorgeous and absolutely brilliant!! I always learn something new when I visit your blog Mo, what a clever talented lady you are! PINNED! hugs :)

  17. I have used acetate in the past (overhead projector slides). If they are prepared for inkjet the results are good, if not, the image loses its shape quickly but on the upside you can clean the acetate under the tap and re-use! I need to test wax paper now and compare...

  18. Oh wow, so they did work with an inkjet, that's a great find, tfs, xxx

  19. WOW oh WOW! I don't need to say anymore 'cos this is fantastic and I feel a trip to Lakeland which is next door to Hobbycraft coming on lol! Karen x

  20. Bookmarking this to come back to, great info re deli paper and love your finished piece. Ruth x