Friday, 17 April 2015

Using Transparent Inks from DecoArt

I have used a technique that i watched by Andy Skinner. Here is a link to his technique using DecoArt Weathered Wood Crackle Medium. First time trying this technique, some bits worked and some didn’t so a good learning curve. I hope you get time to watch Andy’s video, he makes it look so easy!


All the Media paints, Weather Wood Crackle the Matt Decou-Page Glue and Media paints are from DecoArt.

The prints are from a freebie page on a web site, i chose mostly receipts as i like the lines and the empty space around some of the letters and descriptions.

This is a very image heavy post as i made a number of pages and took  pictures of each stage.


Made a mistake on my first try, in the above picture you can see i stamped onto the paper before doing the technique and didn’t leave any gaps as Andy did. Good thing the paints are transparent lol!





This is after the preparation and the first layers of paint added.





The crackle is appearing but i don’t think i added enough glue so the crackle came out very small.






The misters were sprayed to get some drippage, some had been wiped off with kitchen roll and some blotted off, loving the results so far.

Next step was to add some Andy Skinner stencilling and stamping onto the backgrounds.






This is as far as i am taking these background papers as i will be using them on a project very soon which will make them look much different.

The 80gsm copy paper i printed off with the receipt designs felt plasticised after all the layering of glue and paint so they became quite sturdy.

Some of the techniques that i used reacted differently on the Decou-Paged crackle layer. I flicked some of the mister onto the crackle layer, heated it with a heat gun and when a skin started to form i blotted the area,the paper took out the wet paint from the centre leaving a raised blot with a lighter inner. When i added water to the sprays to let them drip down the page they took the layers right back to the original paper colours.

I loved how the paints reacted to the different techniques and want to do this again.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing the process, it will make more sense after watching the video.

Thanks for taking the time to drop by and leave a comment, each one is read and much appreciated.



  1. These are simply incredible. That paint looks heavenly. I actually liked the little crackles much more than if you'd gotten bigger ones.

    I look forward to seeing the continued journey of these lovely pages.

  2. I bought some of the decoart crackle paste recently but (obviously, lol!) haven't got round to using it yet...will make sure I watch the video first. great step by step photos

  3. This looks interesting, can't wait to see what happens next x

  4. Wow.. looks amazing .. I love the little crackles! Great!
    Will look Andy's video - thank you for pointing it out!
    Happy weekende Mo!

  5. What a fabulous fun time you must have had, you've made dime fabulous backgrounds here Mo, looking good!
    Amanda x

  6. Looks like you've had a wonderful time creating more lovely stuff Mo,it's fun to try new techniques isn't it. Loving the effects you've achieved here,interested to see the final projects ;)
    Have a fab weekend
    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  7. Wow, amazing pages Mo!! I have just added some of those transparent inks to my wish list, oh what fun!! I love all the different colours you used! Thanks so much for sharing your experience and for the link to the video, will definitely check that out too. hugs :)

  8. Cooool!! Looks like you had LOTS of fun doing these Mo. Did you get all painty and inky? Do you like being left with colourful fingers? I do, lol.
    I'm so glad you liked my newest Anti Journal pages and that you found Tag Tuesday. Did you have a good look around? and you can comment without being a member if you like :o)
    Right - off to see what else you've been upto :o) xox

  9. Very interesting effects with these, Mo. I would love to actually be able to touch these backgrounds, as they look so tactile and interesting. I'm loving the idea of transparent inks too - gorgeous colours. xxx

  10. You are on a creative roll, Mo, and I love what is happening here. I will definitely get some Weathered Wood and try my hand at this. I seem to create the same backgrounds over and over, and this seems like something I would like. I love your results! You are certainly keeping me inspired!

  11. Beautiful! Very, very interesting experiments, mo,

    Lucy x

  12. Looks like painty fun... Love translucent colours and I didn't know DecoArt had any! Your backgrounds are gorgeous and it makes me want to play...

  13. Oooh fabby experimenting, my favourite kind of crafting. If you hadn't of said I'd of though it was deli paper you were using, it's come out really shiny, but I guess that'll be all your glue layers. Can't wait to see why you do with them next.

  14. Oooh you've had a fun day Mo, I can't wait to see what you make with these! Those Andy Skinner demo's are brilliant aren't they xx

  15. These all look like fabulous backgrounds and I look forward to seeing where they appear next! Will check out the video too! Chrisx

  16. Ooo lots of lushious layers, can't wait to see what you make with them ;) xx

  17. Wowzer - scrumptious effects, Mo - and the colours have such a glow to them. Looking forward to seeing how these develop...
    Alison xx

  18. So funny, I watched the video the other day and was going to have a go at the crackle. Love the results you have achieved and your info is greatly appreciated! Awesome sauce! ~Niki