Friday, 1 May 2015

Art It Friday week 3

Hi everyone, i am so pleased i have found a home for sharing the faces i draw each week.  Kim Dellow has a weekly link called ‘Art It Friday’ so you can share yours too, please come and play along and share your journey.

Being a beginner i am inspired by seeing all the different faces that are being drawn right now! Enjoy drawing whimsical characters as there are no mistakes and they can be whatever colours you like.

Here are a few faces from March and Early April this year.



Phearne and Sideways are from March.




Rattler, T Cup and Keyhole are from early April. Tried experimenting with different shapes, fun but need to concentrate on getting more depth and emotions on their faces and learning how to draw a side view.

Looking forward to seeing your faces when i pop over to Kim’s Friday share.

Thanks for dropping by.



  1. I actually love the keyhole drawing. It is such an unusual perspective and very inspiring. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Love the names you've given your stunning ladies Mo! Love looking at your drawings,hope they're inspiring everyone to take up a pencil :)
    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  3. Fabulous Mo! I love the keyhole one, it has such a unique perspective! You are a talented lady! hugs :)

  4. super sketches. In answer to your question no don't plan out my girls they just seem to appear on the page. enjoy your weekend.

  5. Lovely faces, adore the profile one xx

  6. Wonderful Mo. A great collection, all so different and I also love that they have got names. I've not tried a profile yet, that is next on my list to have a go at.

    You are an inspiration, thank you so much for linking again, glad you have found a faces-share home on my blog, and thank you for all the shout outs and shares.

    So what is up for next week? Looking forward to seeing it.
    Have a totally lovely bank hol.

  7. Such a lovely collection of faces Mo, I really love the second one with the writing around her hair and the keyhole one is amazing. Hope you have a wonderful BH weekend! Hugs, Anne xx

  8. So much character in these faces Mo, what a wonderful collection, they look great and have such expression in their features!

  9. It's so interesting to see your faces, Mo. They are so different from each other and so expressive.

    Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie.

    Love and hugs

  10. They are soooo lovely! I miss drawing faces. :) Thank you for your always supportive words! <3

  11. For a 'beginner', you are amazing! I love each of your faces, but I especially like the teacup, keyhole and the one with writing around here hair. :D
    Have a fab weekend xox :o))

  12. Thank You so much for introducing me to Kim's blog, Mo! I love all your quirky characters today, especially the one peeking through the keyhole! Each one has such character! Thank You for sharing your portrait journey xxx

  13. You are very busy with your faces.... go on with them!

  14. I love the idea of faces in a shape such as the cup and keyhole. Keep it up!

  15. Great idea to put the faces in different shapes, love seeing all your faces each week. I did draw one last week but forgot to blog her - must link her up this week :-) Xxx

  16. WOW you've been busy, love the keyhole one xxx

  17. hehehe, looks like you had great fun :) xxx

  18. Mo you're doing great and yep looks like you really enjoyed it too. I love how you have used shapes and then made the faces fit - such a clever twist hun and you got me thinking I need to have a go lol! Keep on doing it as you're learning and having fun and that's the most important thing! Karen

  19. Love that you're naming your drawings, Mo! Some make me smile! Keyhole gets my vote today! Don't stop!