Thursday, 30 October 2014

Q&L Challenge 21 Nowhere or Hug

The 21st Quotes & Lyrics Challenge is nearly over at the Craft Barn, i am late posting again but have made it with a couple of days to spare.

Found a song with both words in, have included a link to You Tube where Mandy Moore sings Broken Promises.

The words are:

No more lonely nights
Baby, that's just what you told me
(That’s what you said)
But you're nowhere to be found
Something just ain't right
'Cause I can't get you to hold me
Even when you're around.

What happened to the "I Love You"s
The hugs and kisses and the rendezvous'

Once again have chosen to use Craft Artist Professional 2 to make a digital iCard. chose to make one in a chalkboard style.

Q&L Chall 21 Oct 2014

The front of the iCard with the lyrics. I made the border within the bottom banner from a flourish and added a smaller flourish butterfly to the top larger flourish.

Q&L Chall 21 bk Oct 2014

Back of the iCard showing the Challenge number, the date created and the words needed to use, also where the lyrics came from.

I do hope you like the chalkboard effect, looking forward to reading your comments.

There is some good news, the printer i’m after is being reduced in price in January in the sales so am waiting until then to get it! Am looking forward to printing off all my cards and being able to see them all together.

Thanks for dropping by.



  1. Love this so different xx really must find to play with CAP xxx

  2. You are very talented Mo with all your techy stuff....can't say I'd be any good at it! Love the chalkboard effect too :)

    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  3. Very different, love the chalkboard effect.

  4. Wow, your chalkboard effect turned out amazing! Well done Mo! hugs :)

  5. The chalkboard effect is really awesome! Good for you for finding lyrics with both words--I found this challenge harder than most to come up with both the quote and art. Have a lovely weekend!

  6. Excellent quote and chalkboard effect background. I look forward to seeing a 'real life' collage of your printed cards when you get your new printer, I bet they will be amazing! :o))

  7. Lovely chalkboard effect, impressed yet again at your CAP skills and you research skills, lyrics with both words again. well done!

  8. Love the b/w style. Looks really classy :)

  9. Great card and well done on using both words! xx

  10. Very elegant and so clever of you to find the quote. I love the effects you achieve digitally, I feel quite inspired to give it a try myself! xx

  11. I'm always delighted when I can spend time here, and even more so when I see what you manage to accomplish digitally. I love the flourish that turns into a butterfly, and you find some really great quotes, like this one, too.

  12. Love the chalkboard effect you have created this week. Black and white is so elegant.